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ORDINANCE 2117 <br />AN URGENCY INTERIM ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />PROHIBITING THE APPROVAL OF APPLICATIONS FOR PERSONAL SERVICE <br />BUSINESSES LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR IN THE <br />C2 CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT COMMERCIAL ZONE. <br />WHEREAS, Government Code § 65858 allows a legislative body, without following the procedures <br />otherwise required prior to the adoption of a zoning ordinance, to adopt, as a urgency measure, an interim <br />ordinance prohibiting any uses which may be in conflict with a contemplated general plan, specific plan, or <br />zoning proposal which the legislative body, planning commission or planning department is intending to <br />study within a reasonable time; and <br />WHEREAS, the zoning provisions of the Los Gatos Town Code does not provide a definition of <br />"Personal Service Business" nor does it contain adequate procedures for investigating and addressing the <br />impacts of a new Personal Service Businesses in the central business district; and <br />WHEREAS, applications have been received by the Town for approval of two new Personal Service <br />Businesses in the central business district, and inquiries have been made of Town staff in anticipation of a <br />third such application; and <br />WHEREAS, concerns have been raised in the community regarding potential detrimental impacts <br />of additional Personal Service Businesses in the central business district, including but not limited to, <br />location, parking, traffic circulation, and land use mix; and <br />WHEREAS, concerns have also been expressed that decisions regarding applications for new <br />Personal Service Businesses should consider the importance of a balanced mix of land uses throughout the <br />central business district; and <br />WHEREAS, the Town does not have complete and comprehensible information analyzing the <br />current business environment of the central business district, describing the total number, type and mix of <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />