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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Consider adoption of Draft Los Gatos 2020 General Plan and the Environmental <br />Impact Report on the Draft Los Gatos 2020 General Plan Update <br />September' 20, 2010 <br />Page LU-19, Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone: This should have been included in <br />the document as the text. that was to be struck: Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone. ~ <br /> <br /> <br />Community Design Element <br />Page CD-23, Policy CD-15.3: New construction shall be designed to follow natural land <br />contours and avoid mass grading. When possible, flat pads should be avoided and ~Ihouses ~h~al-1 <br />should be designed to conform to or step down the contours *' ~''~~+ 'v., ae~in„°~ fur flat ~~a~ <br />Grading large, flat yards should be avoided. <br />~~, + ,;~~ pro°~ ° ;n+;r ,,;° < 1,~ <br />Page CD-25, Policy CD-16.3: New structures or remodels ~~~~ .,~ .,,..~~..~g ~.,.,.~.., ...... <br />^~ r°~^'~~^r~ shall be designed to respect views from surrounding properties while allowing sa <br />that all affected properties e~k~le reasonable access to views. <br />Page CD-29, Action CD-18,5: remove the second "to." <br />Transportation Element <br />Figure TRA-1: Show Los Gatos-Saratoga Road as a highway (not as an arterial). <br />Figure TRA-2: Clarify that multi-use trails are unpaved. <br />Page TRA-17: ii Lar'h Avenue. Highway 17 to Los Gatos Boulevard: Widen the road to four to <br />six lanes with a median and bike lanes .and provide two westbound right-turn storage lanes for <br />the metered northbound Highway 17 on-ramp. <br />Page TRA-20 b. Bike Routes. Camino del Cerro from Escobar Avenue to ~'~'°°+°~,°~~°,. r,,-;<,° <br />Blossom Hill Road. <br />Page TRA-37, Policy TRA-11.2 Replace u'"°~~'° r^~a~ with Roads. <br />Page TRA-31, Policy TRA-7.2: In was locations that are identified as .... <br />Page TRA-42, Policy TRA-14.3: Stand-alone parking facilities.... <br />