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PAGE <br />y!IA~"OR A\D TO~~'\ COLICIL <br />SUBJECT: 303-30~ \. Santa Cruz A~'enue li-10-009 <br />Jtrlt•?1, -'010 <br />BACI~GROt~D: <br />A Conditional Use Permit (CL;P) for the James Randall Restaurant. located at 30 ~ \, Santa C111z <br />A~~enue. was approved by To~~~n Council on Apri] 17, ?006. The CUP allows a quality <br />restaurant ~ti~ith beer and «•ine sel~~ice. and outdoor seating. A retail business (Tassels) previously <br />occupied the adjacent commercial space at 30~ \. Santa Cruz A~~enue. <br />Three To«'n Policies -retail conversion, the Alcoholic Beverage Policy (ABP ). and standards for <br />outdoor restaurant seating -provide gniidance in the analysis of this application. The subject <br />application is anal}-zed against these policies in Attachment 4. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />A. Project Sunllnarv <br />The request includes the folio«~ing: <br />• Increase the nla~innull number of seats from ?-1 to 36: <br />• ~-lodifi- the hours of operation from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. seven days a week, <br />to 7:30 a.m. to L:00 a.m., seven days a week; <br />• Allo«~ full alcoholic be~-erage sel-~-iee. <br />Please see Attachment =I for additional information regarding the project. <br />B. Plalllllllg COI11I111SSIO11 <br />On Julv 1=1, ?010, the PlaI111ing COI11111ISSIOII considered the subject application (see <br />Attacl>lnent ~). The Plaluling Commission recommended appro~~al of the CUP subject to the <br />staffs reconunended conditions. including conditions that specifically address hours of <br />alcoholic beverage service. hours of meal service. a one year revie«•, and outdoor restaurant <br />seating separation. The Plaruling Commission noted that the findings required b~~ the To~~•n's <br />Alcoholic Beverage Policy (Attachment 1) could be supported by the deliberations of the <br />Commission and the testimony from the public. <br />In addition. the Planning Commission recommended the language in the alcohol seI-~~ice <br />condition (condition no. l? in Attachment 2) be revised to reflect that alcoholic beverage <br />consumption is allowed in the «~aiting area prior to meal service, but that alcoholic bey era`~e <br />serti~ice and consumption is not allo«-ed at the dininy~ ser~~ice bar. Alone \~-Ith the specific <br />conditions noted above, the revised alcohol service condition is included in Attachment ?. <br />