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PAGE 2 <br />7iJNE 3, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL/ <br />CHAIR AND MEMBERS OF THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 09-06 -LOS GATOS LIBRARY PROJECT 411-281-2501 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />As authorized by the Council, staff undertook apre-qualifying process for selection of building <br />contractors for this project beginning in December 2009. This use of this process provides the <br />Town with a comprehensive group of qualified contractors to participate in the project bidding. <br />As a result of this effort, a total of 24 building contractors were pre-qualified and deemed <br />eligible to submit bids on the project. <br />On March 15, 2010, Town Council approved plans and specifications for this project and <br />authorized staff to advertize the project for bidding. Apre-construction meeting was held with <br />the general contractors who had been pre-qualified for this project on April 22, 2010 to explain <br />project details and address any questions that they had before bidding the project. The bid <br />package for this project included the following five add alternatives that were designed as <br />enhancements to the Library project and could be included in the final contract award if the bids <br />received were lower than project cost estimate as determined by staff. The addition of these add- <br />alternatives to the project may increase the project LEED certification fiom Silver to Gold. <br />1. Pageant Grounds access improvements <br />2. Landscape improvements (additional stone pavers and benches) <br />3. Specialty light fixture for color capability <br />4. I S kw photovoltaic array on upper clerestory~roof <br />5. 20 kw additional photovoltaic array on main roof <br />On May 14, 2010, ten bids were received for this project (see Bid Summary, Attachment 2). <br />Staff has reviewed the bids, and after tabulation of the bid results determined that Bogard <br />Conshuction Company is a responsible entity and that its bid is responsive to the Town's formal <br />bid process. <br />On May 19, 2010, the Town received a protest from the apparent second lowest bidder, Zovich <br />Construction, alleging a single technical defect in one of the bid documents submitted by Bogard <br />Construction. Staff reviewed this alleged defect with Kovich and Bogard and believes that no <br />defect exists and that if it does, it is immaterial and easily coved. <br />The construction of the new Library is anticipated to start in early July (after the 4"' of July <br />holiday) and is scheduled to be completed in early 2012. The formal groundbreaking ceremony <br />is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21, 2010. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />It is recormnended that the Town Council /Redevelopment Agency adopt the attached <br />Resolution declaring Bogard Construction Inc. to be the lowest responsible bidder on the project <br />and award a construction contract in an amount not to exceed $11,642,676. This award will <br />include the base bid and all five add alternatives. Staff further recommends that the Town <br />Council /Redevelopment Agency authorize staff to execute future change orders to the <br />construction contract as necessary in an amount not to exceed $2,000,000. <br />