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PAGE 2 <br />MAY 24, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. A10-001 -TRAFFIC ENGINEERING CONSULTANT <br />SERVICES <br />DISCUSSION (cont'd): <br />In response to this Request for Proposal, the Town received five proposals from consultants. <br />Town staff from the Parlcs and Public Worlcs Department and Community Development <br />Department reviewed the proposals and determined that TJKM Transportation Consultants are <br />the best qualified to provide this service to the Town. <br />TJKM Transportation Consultants has been working for the Town for several years on an on-call <br />services contract basis, primarily for private development project. While these services are <br />managed by staff, the services are funded by private development. <br />This firm is very Familiar with the Town and its traffic related issues, and staff is satisfied wit11 <br />their service and response. It is important, that with a number of high profile private <br />development projects plamled in the coming months,. the Town's consultants are experienced and <br />familiar with the complex Town private development process, codes, and regulations in order to <br />provide professional service for the community. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Staff recommends that. the Town Council adopt the attached Resolution (Attaclunent 1) <br />authorizing the Town Manager to execute an Amendment to the Agreement for Traffic <br />Engineering Consultant Services (Exhibit A) with TJKM Transportation Consultants for two <br />more years to perform continued traffic engineering services in the Town of Los Gatos on an on- <br />call basis for private development projects. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: <br />The project is Categorically Exempt pursuant to Sections 15301 (c), 15303(e) and 15304(b) of <br />the State CEQA guidelines. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: <br />T11e work by TJKM Transportation Consultants will be for private development projects and will <br />be fully funded by private developers. <br />Attachments: <br />1. Resolution authorizing the Town Manager to execute an Amendment to Agreement for <br />Traffic Engineering Consultant. Services Agreement with TJKIvI Transportation Consultants <br />Exhibit A Amendment to the Agreement <br />Exhibit B Proposal dated March 29, 2010 including Scope of Work <br />and Rate Schedule <br />2. Original Professional Services Agreement with TJKM Transportation Consultants dated June <br />2008 <br />