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TOWN COUNCIL <br />COUNCIL/TOWN MANAGER REPORTS <br />Council Matters <br />Council Member Barbara Spector <br />• Reported that she had the opportunity to attend the Santa Clara University <br />Law Alumni Recognition event honoring alumni who have achieved and <br />contributed to the community. Two of the honorees were Los Gatans: Courl <br />Federal Judge, Ronald White and Attorney, Gordon Yamate. <br />• Commented that she wanted to acknowledge them because they exemplify <br />the people in Los Gatos who contribute to the Town and community. <br />Vice Mayor Joe Pirzynski <br />• Commented that on Friday, April 30, 2010 the Town celebrated Arbor Day by <br />planting trees at Bel Gatos Park, with another planting ceremony at Fisher <br />Middle School. <br />• Acknowledged that the Town has been awarded the Tree City USA award for <br />the 30th year in a row. <br />Mayor Diane McNutt <br />• Commented that the deadline to submit applications for the Senior of <br />Distinction Award is coming up. <br />Manager Matters <br />Mr. Larson <br />• Commented on the success of the Town's Volunteer Recognition event. <br />• Commented that the Town has once again won the Cities Association Bocce <br />Ball tournament. <br />• Commented that the Town and the Chamber of Commerce kicked off a new <br />program which began with Fashion Week and ended with a Wine Walk. The <br />event was a tremendous success for both the Town and the Chamber of <br />Commerce. <br />• Commented that the Los Gatos Parents Co-operative Pre-school held their <br />annual Fantasy Faire for the first time on the Civic Center main lawn and the <br />event was attended by many. <br />• Expressed appreciation of support from the Los Gatos Library, Los Gatos- <br />Monte Sereno Police Department, and Parks and Public Works in helping to <br />make the event a success. <br />• Commented that the new lights on the expanded parking lot 6 are up and <br />operating. <br />• Requested applicants for the Town's Boards and Commissions including the <br />Town's Youth Commission. Deadline to apply to the Youth Commission is <br />May 14, 2010 and the deadline to apply to the Town's .other Boards and <br />Commissions will be June 11, 2010. <br />