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Discussions -Continued <br />3. Council and Commission Chair Leadership Discussion on Town <br />.Priorities <br />Commission Comments <br />• Questioned how the Town responds to the .garbage cans that are <br />overflowing in the downtown area and around Los Gatos High School. <br />• Commented about the General Plan and the Transportation and Parking <br />Commission's role with streets, roads, and crosswalks. <br />• Questioned if there is an increased use of consultants and questioned if <br />the Town has looked into keeping those costs down. <br />• Questioned the decrease in the amount of Commission meeting's and the <br />increased attendance at community meetings. <br />• Expressed concerns about filling vacant positions and would like to see a <br />more aggressive recruitment process. <br />• Questioned when the Los Gatos Boulevard plan would be coming forward. <br />• Questioned if the strategic goals have been adopted by Council. <br />• Questioned how the Commissions can more effectively achieve the goals. <br />Mr. Larson <br />• Commented about the Town's operating procedures for upkeep of the <br />downtown. <br />• Clarified that sometimes it is more cast effective to hire consultants. <br />• Clarified the process-for contract bidding. <br />• Commented that. the Town staff has reduced costs from 6-8% in each of <br />the last three to five years. <br />• Clarified that the General Plan is the top priority and after that is adopted <br />the same staff would be working on the Los Gatos Boulevard plan. <br />Mayor Diane McNutt <br />• Questioned how the Commissions could work together to achieve the <br />strategic goals. <br />Commission Comments <br />• Complemented the Library Board on the poet laureate selection process. <br />• Commented on incorporating the Youth Commission into youth art goals <br />which are being developed by the Arts and Culture Gommission. <br />• Suggested having periodic multi-commission meetings. <br />2 <br />