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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Retrofit Bay Area <br />February 18, 2010 <br />T)TSC;T TS~TnN~ <br />Regional Scope of Work: ABAG applied for, and was awarded, a $10.75 million grant from the <br />CEC to fund Retrofit Bay Area. This region-wide energy efficiency program will retrofit 17,000 <br />homes (single family and multifamily) to achieve reduction in home energy consumption, while <br />creating 1,739 home energy retrofit jobs. The grant funds will pay for regional program <br />development, local program development and implementation, evaluation, measurement and <br />verification, and administration and reporting. <br />Local Scope of Work: ABAG and the grant Steering Committee have agreed to a population- <br />based allocation for each county-specific program. In addition, StopWaste.Org and Sonoma <br />County Transportation Authority will be tasked to carry out some regional deliverables, since the <br />two agencies have a substantial head start in planning and developing components of green <br />retrofit programs. <br />Santa Clara County's proposed budget allocation is $1.95 million. See Exhibit A to Attachment 1 <br />of this report for a summary description of the Retrofit Bay Area program and Santa Clara <br />County's local role. In short, Santa Clara County plans a Santa Clara County Residential <br />Retrofit Program (SCCRRP). SCCRRP would provide energy audits and retrofits in all the cities <br />and unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County, including Los Gatos. It would consist of a suite <br />of environmental programs and information, including property-assessed (PACE) financing <br />options such as CaliforniaFIRST. The energy audits are expected to stimulate interest in <br />comprehensive home retrofits such as added insulation, heating and air conditioning upgrades, <br />new windows, and energy efficient appliances, resulting in significant reductions in energy and <br />water consumption. It is projected that this work will result in 446 new jobs, $1.7 million saved <br />energy costs for homeowners, 100 billion BTU's reduced, and $43.8 million spent in Santa Clara <br />County. <br />CEC Requirements: All participating counties in the ABAG proposal must provide an <br />authorizing resolution. The Resolution must be approved by each county's Governing <br />Authority. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will consider the issue at its March 2 <br />meeting. Once approved, an agreement between the CEC and ABAG must be signed and will <br />include the project description, work statement tasks and milestones, budget, and schedule. <br />ABAG has requested that cities in the participating counties also provide an authorizing <br />resolution. This authorizing resolution is Attachment 1 to this report. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />The Retrofit Bay Area program, through the local Santa Clara County Residential Retrofit <br />Program, would provide Los Gatos homeowners access to a suite of environmental programs and <br />information, including comprehensive home retrofits such as added insulation, heating and air <br />conditioning upgrades, new windows, and energy efficient appliances, resulting in significant <br />reductions in energy and water consumption. Full grant funding of the program has already been <br />committed by the California Energy Commission. Participation in this program would represent <br />a key part of the Town's ongoing commitment to a green and sustainable future. <br />