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RESOLUTION 2001- 44 <br />RESOLUTION DENYING APPEAL DF THE PLANNING COMIVIISSION DECISION <br />DENYING A REQUEST TO INSTALL VINYL WINDOWS ON PROPERTY ZONED R- <br />1D:LHP. <br />HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE AND SITE: HS-00-12. <br />PROPERTY LOCATION: 310 NICHOLSON AVENUE. <br />PROPERTY OWNER/APPLICANT/APPELLANTS: I~EN AND ANGELO DALLA. <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. This matter came before Council for public hearing on April 16, 2001, on an appeal <br />by Ken and Angelo Dalla from a decision of the Planning Commission and was .regularly noticed <br />in conformance with State and Town law. <br />B. Council received testimony and documentary evidence from the appellants and all <br />interested persons who wished to testify or submit documents. Council considered all testimony and <br />materials submitted,. including t11e record of the Planning Commission proceedings and the packet <br />of material contained in the Council Agenda Report dated April 11, .2001, .along with subsequent <br />reports and materials prepared concerning this application. <br />C. In May 2000, aTown building inspector stopped work at the Dalla residence, located <br />in the Almond Grove Historic District because windows were being installed without a building <br />permit, The inspector further noted that the installed windows are vinyl rather than being true <br />divided life wood windows and are thus inconsistent with Town requirements for historic structures. <br />The property owners sought approval from the Historic Preservation Committee to retain the vinyl <br />windows in lieu of true divided life wood windows to .match windows that were removed. <br />D. Historic Preservation Committee considered the matter on June 20, 2000 and denied <br />