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RESOLUTION 2001- 64 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />SUPPORTING THE BAY AREA ALLIANCE'S <br />DRAFT COMPACT FORA .SUSTAINABLE BAY AREA. <br />WHEREAS, the Town of Los Gatos's economy, environmental .resources, cultural <br />amenities, and educational institutions mare it a unique and special place; and <br />WHEREAS, with many :growing communities, the entire Bay Area is undergoing rapid <br />changes and faces serious challenges; and <br />WHEREAS, traffic congestion, overburdened transit systems; the lack of sufficient <br />housing and slcyroclcetng housing costs, loss of open space, declining .neighborhoods, air and <br />water pollution and the increasingly inequitable distribution of the benefits of our thriving <br />economy are interrelated problems that require integrated solutions; and <br />WHEREAS, sustaining a Town as well as the region's environment and economy in a <br />way that ensures equity for :all residents requires innovative thinking and "e-vision", a balanced, <br />integrated, inclusive, collaborative approach; and <br />WHEREAS, e-vision is a vision of the future that integrates the Three E's of Sustainable <br />Development (three E's): prosperous economy, quality environment and social equality. E- <br />vision is inclusive of .all stakeholders and celebrates the region's diverse social and <br />environmental strengths; and <br />WHEREAS, the Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Development {Bay Area Alliance) is <br />a multi-stakeholder coalition established in 1997 to develop and implement a sustainability <br />action plan for the Bay Area; and <br />WHEREAS, sustainable development is defined as "to meet the needs of the present <br />without. compromising the ability of future generations to .meet their own needs; and <br />WHEREAS, the overall goal of the Bay Area .Alliance 'Compact is to reach consensus <br />region-wide .among a critical mass of stakeholder organizations and civic leaders regarding :anew <br />shared vision rooted in common values and how the region can grow in a more sustainable <br />manner; <br />