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RESOLUTION 2001 - 69 <br />RESOLUTION DENYING AN APPEAL OF A PLANNING COMMISSION <br />DECISION DENYING A REQUEST TO APPROVE A CONDITIONAL <br />USE PERMIT FOR A WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS FACILITY. <br />CONDITIONAL. USE PERMIT: U-99-01 <br />PROPIRTY LOCATION; 20 E. MAIN STREET <br />PROPERTY OWNER: E.A, MAAS <br />APPLICANT /APPELLANT: METRICOM, INC. <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. This matter carne beforeCouncil for public hearing on Jtu1e 4, 2001 , on an appeal by <br />applicant/appellant (Metricom, Inc,) from a decision of the Planning Comnussio~n and was regularly <br />noticed in conformance with State and Town law. <br />B. Council received testimony and documentary evidence from the appellant and.. all <br />interested persons who wished to testify or submit documents. Coiuicil considered all testimony and <br />materials submitted, including the record of the Plamling Commission proceedings .and the packet of <br />material contained in the Council Agenda Report dated May 23, 2001 and the Addendum dated June 1, <br />2001,. along with subsequent reports and materials prepared concerning this application.. <br />C. The applicant is requesting .approval to construct a wireless data facility on the roof of <br />the Penthouse Apartments, 20 East Main Street. Thefacility will consist of two rooftop mounted "sleets" <br />on the East .and West elevations, each containing four flat panel antennas. To screen the anteinias, a <br />screen pailited white will be mounted to the fiont of each sled. The wall inotiuited antennas will be <br />painted to match the color of the wall on which t11ey are moiuzted. <br />D. The Planning Commission first considered the matter on August 23, 2000 and continued <br />the matter with directions to provide screening. and to propose alternate antenna designs. The <br />Commission considered the application a third time at its March 28, 2001 meeting and denied the <br />application, <br />1 <br />