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RESOLUTION 2001- 74 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />CONCERNING APPROVAL DF A MUTUAL BENEFIT WATER COMPANY <br />GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT GP-00-2 <br />HILLSIDE .SPECIFIC PLAN AMENDMENT HS-001-1 <br />PLANNED .DEVELOPMENT DEV-98-9 <br />PROPERTY LOCATION:17975 FOSTER ROAD <br />PROPERTY OWNER: McCARTHY LAND CO. LLC <br />APPLICANT: TS/CIVIL ENGINEERING, INC. <br />WHEREAS.: <br />A. 17975 Foster Road ("Project Site") is currently developed with structures associated <br />with the former Guadalupe College, which ceased full operations in 1968. The structures were <br />severely damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 and are now vacant, deteriorated, <br />vandalized and a significant public nuisance. <br />B. McCarthy Land Co. LLC (Developer) has proposed a change to the zoning at the <br />Project Site from RC (Resource Conservation), and HR-5 (Hl'lside Residential, 5 to 40 acres per <br />dwelling unit) to HR- 2 1/2:PD (Hillside Residential, 2 %2 to 10 acres per dwelling unit, Planned <br />Development) and RC:PD (Resource Conservation, Planned Development), in orderto develop six <br />(6) home sites, a vineyard, landscaping, streets, trails, openspace and other site improvements shown <br />and required on the Official Development Plan and the creation of a mutual water company <br />(together, the "Project"). <br />C. Los Gatos Town Code sections24.50.100 (Subdivision Ordinance) and 29.10.06719 <br />{Zoning Ordinance) require that water- service must be provided by a "recognized public utility." <br />D. Section 2.4(1)(b) of the Town's Hillside Specific Plan states that water service shall <br />1 <br />