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RESOLUTION 2001- 95 <br />RESOLUTION DENYING AN APPEAL OF THE <br />PLANNING COMMISSION DENYING A TREE <br />REMOVAL PERMIT DN PROPERTY ZONED R-1:8 <br />TREE REMOVAL PERMIT: T-00-0252 <br />PROPERTY LOCATION: 220 MARCHMONT DRIVE <br />PROPERTY OWNER /APPELLANT: JEAN JACQUES DENNLER <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. This matter came before Council for public hearing on July 16, 2001, on an appeal by Jean <br />.Jacques Dennler from a decision ofthe 'Planning Commission and was regularly noticed in conformance with <br />State and Town law. <br />B. Council received testimony and documentary evidence from the appellant and all interested <br />persons who wished to testify or submit. documents. Council considered all testimony and materials submitted, <br />including the record of the Planning Commission proceedings and the packet of material contained in the <br />Council Agenda Report dated July 5, 2001, along with subsequent reports and materials prepared concerning <br />this application. <br />C. The property owner !appellant proposed to remove one Conifer (~ 9" in diameter) and one of <br />two Redwoods (each ~ 24" in diameter) because he asserts that the trees are lifting the patio, causing damage <br />to a property fence, causing damage to a neighbor's retaining wall, and causing debris problems. in neighbors' <br />backyards and pools. <br />D. A tree removal permit was.approved on April 12, 200 for the removal of one Conifer and one <br />Redwood tree. The removal ofthe second Redwood was denied because the Town Arborist determined that <br />the tree was healthy. On October 31, 2000, the applicant appealed the Community 'Development Director's <br />decision to deny the removal of the tree. The Planning Commission considered this item on March 14, 2001, <br />April 25, 2001, and denied the appeal on May 23, 2001. <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />