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RESOLUTION 2001- 96 <br />RESOLUTION REMANDING (1) A GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT TO CHANGE THE <br />'LAND USE DESIGNATION .FROM AGRICULTURE TO HILLSIDE RESIDENTIAL, (2) A <br />PLANNED DEVELOPMENT TO CHANGE THE ZONE FROM RC AND HR-5 PRE-ZONE <br />TO HR-2 %2 :PD TO ALLOW 19 SINGLE FAMILY LOTS, AND (3) AN APPEAL OF THE <br />DECISION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION DENYING AN ARCHITECTURE & SITE <br />APPLICATION TO DEMOLISH THREE SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE. <br />DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION: DEV-99-002.. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT: EIR-00-2. <br />ARCHITECTURE & SITE APPLICATION:. 5-9-5. <br />:PROPERTY LOCATION: 17101 HICKS ROAD & 14045 .SHANNON ROAD. <br />PROPERTY OWNER: THE DAGNEY GROUP, LLC. <br />APPLICANT/APPELLANT: GREENBRIAR LAND COMPANY. <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. This matter came before Council for public hearing. on July 16, 2001 on a request by <br />Greenbrier Land Company .(applicant/appellant) for hearing on the Planning Commission's decision <br />to recommend denial of the General Plan and Zone Change :applications, and on an appeal by <br />applicant/appellant from the decision of the Planning Commission to deny the architecture and site <br />approval application, and was regularly noticed in conformance with State .and Town law. <br />B. Council received testimony and documentary evidence from the applicant/appellant <br />and all interested persons who wished to testify or submit documents. Council considered all <br />testimony and materials submitted, including the record of the Planing Commission proceedings and <br />the ;packet of material contained in the Council Agenda Report dated July 12, 2001,. July 13, 2001, <br />and July 16, 2001 Desk Item, along with subsequentreports and materials prepared concerning this <br />application. <br />C. The applicant seeks approval of a Planned Development to permit construction of 19- <br />single family homes on approximately 80.3 acres. The applicant is proposing to change the General <br />Plan designation of approximately 34.5 of the 80 totaLacres from Agriculture to Hillside Residential, <br />and to change the current zoning of the property from Pre-zoned RC (Resource Conservation) and <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />(~ <br />