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ORDINANCE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TC) I N OF LOS GATOS, IMPOSING A T011N <br />SALES AND SE TA.K; PROVIDING FOR TIr F° PE~..F OR'11.ANCE BY THE <br />a <br />STATE B01"RD OF Ems? AERATION OF FUNCTIONS INCIDENT TO <br />ThE AD1,1INISTRAT.iON, C)PERATION AND COLITJ:,CTIOIti' OF THFi SALES <br />AND USE TkK HEREBY IMPOSED; SUSPENDING THE PROVTSIJP GE <br />ORDINANCES NOS. 347 and 348 DURING SUCH TIME AS THIS <br />ORDINANCE IS OPERATIVE; AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIO- <br />LATIONS THEREOF. <br />THE TOv^rN COUNCIL, OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATCS DOES ORDAIN AS <br />F'OLL01,J',S: <br />Section 1. SHORT TITLE. This ordinance shall be known as <br />the Uniform Local.. Sales and I.?se Ta,x Ordinance of the Town of Leis <br />Gatos, <br />Section 2. PURPOSE. The Town Council of the Town of Taos <br />Gatos hereby declares that this ordinance is adopted to achieve <br />the following, among other, purposes, and directs that the pro- <br />visions hereof be interpreted in order to accomplish those <br />purposes: <br />(a) To adopt a sales and use tax ordinance which complies <br />t.,rith the requirements and limitations contained in Part 1.5 o <br />Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of Calif- <br />ornia; <br />(b) To adopt a sales and use tax ordinance which incorporate; <br />rrcvisions identical to those of the Sales and Use Tax Len~a of the <br />State of California insofar as those provisions are not inconsistent <br />with the reouirements and limitations contained in Part 1.5 of <br />Division 2 of the said Revenue and Taxation Code; <br />(c) To adopt a sales and use tax ordinance which im-noses <br />a ninety one Der cent of one per cent (91%) tax and provides a <br />measure therefor that can be administered and collected by the <br />State Board of Equalization in a manner that adapts itself as <br />fully as practical to, and requires the least moss ibl.e deviation <br />from, the existing statutory and administrative procedures followed <br />-1- <br />