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Northeasterly Corner of said Lot 17; thence Westerly along the <br />Northerly line of said Lyndon's Subdivision to a point distant <br />thereon 90 feet Westerly from the Westerly line of Lyndon Avenue; <br />thence Southerly parallel to the Westerly line of Lyndon Avenue <br />through Lots 11, 10 and 9 of Block 2 of said Lyndon's Subdivision <br />to the Northerly line of Lot 2 of Block 2 of said Lyndon's Sub- <br />division; thence Westerly along the Northerly line of Lots 2 to <br />6 inclusive of said Block 2, and Southerly along the Westerly <br />line of said Lot 6 to the Northerly line of Main Street; thence <br />Southerly across Main Street and along the Westerly line of Lot <br />9 of Block 3 of said i. W. Lyndon's Subdivision to the South- <br />=.resterly corner of said Lot 9; thence Easterly along the South- <br />erly line of Lots 9 to 1 inclusive of said Block 3 and the pro- <br />jection thereof Easterly to a point distant thereon 95 feet <br />Easterly from the Easterly line of said Lot 1; thence Southerly <br />parallel to the Easterly line of J. W. Lyndon's Addition to <br />Block 3, as recorded February 19, 1833 in Book A of 11aps at <br />Page 91, to the Southerly line of Broadway; thence Westerly <br />along said Southerly line to the line between the land now or <br />formerly of Guido and Mary A. Barbieri and that of James N. <br />and Margie A. Crawford, which point is approximately 229 feet <br />Westerly along said Southerly line from the present Westerly <br />line of the State Highway; thence Southerly along said property <br />line to the.Southerly line of said lands; thence Westerly 175 <br />feet along the line between the lands of James N. and Margie <br />A. Crawford, and Adolf and Antoinette Aymar and that of the <br />Hubbard and Johnson Lumber Co. to the Northwesterly corner of <br />said.last named land; thence Southerly and Southeasterly along <br />the Westerly and Southwesterly line of said land of Hubbard and <br />Johnson Lumber Co., to the angle point therein irhich is common <br />to the Northwest corner of the land of Robert Y. and Caroline W. <br />