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0~~.➢II72~.NCE I;Q S r <br />AN ORDINANCE FcGU1_AT! IG 'TBE BUSI1_'~7ESS CLF CONDUCTING <br />POOIT OR BILLIARD `PARLORS OR, CARD ROOMS II,? THE TO SIT OF LOS' GATOS <br />'The Board 'o "Ti?ustee5. of the Town of. Los Gatos do ordain <br />as follows:, i.. <br />See. ' l', 'For the m_1Tj.;ose cf, tthis ordinance a pool `or bil- <br />liard- -parlor shall'Lbe taken to me'an a room i zvhi'ch there is one or <br />more poal or billiard tab±es used for the pur-pose of playing pool <br />or billiard, _ or vTh ch' a coYapensation o `any 'kind is paid to the <br />ovivner, 'proybrieto , . lallcJ G'? p _eSSee, „'Gr'`j OSSeS.SO E tl1E TG0i A card, <br />roon ; s';def-ned. to' be' a' roor_i in` v-)Iii ch there is: one or mo=re r. tables <br />„of <br />ss. <br />at ibnic?o peo~1 e o' a a' th`+` cardG° in conhectlor '*1t the buslne <br />selling cigars, tcb2.c c) ar stet' -drinks, regardless of whether a rental <br />_ <br />"oT fee''' of any" xlna''is _oalrc to `t'rC° owttie aroprietor' or possessor, or- <br />said ca_a~tables;"'•6r whether th'e' S2,me' is used"!"- r'th`e"Conve:?ierce' <br />-07 <br />of his customers. <br />See o ''2. prom 'ard alter tl dale t= i s' ord'a`;(lan e 08 unto <br />r''02c.}''"Ta on, <br />e_ .4 - ya p L "Shall 'be L'.ril'cltYf11 ._•'f'Qr' ar' r erSO'i~ . SJ_mil O'yCO-p <br />either as' principal ` agent, si,' d.'s1t-or' 8 il0ye~', to en'&';'g'e In, Carry <br />on or operate 'vrlth the car- of the Town` of 'Los 'Gat'os, <br />the' bvs~in' a- running, 'ererat`iiig, `conducting`, oz having poc_ 'or <br />p = coxpor- <br />. <br />arl:.ors, o r c ard rooms, unless such, p ' ers~.'1_,''• T ism a <br />p`riricipal <br />atJ on,, or the ecsx~w ~ or em-pl oyes of-such-agent, . s-exvant. or_ HLi)loyee,, <br />shall first ha'v'e pr'oc-6.V ed` a l ceLSe"'sc, to""'- Co- as here"nyi 'provide-d, <br />s <br />` rJUS n2.,5, 0i _ o '-a_ I Ces r'iu' to 'e r <br />.SSC•,n,•~--.5.` f'1.~, Tc <br />gage i Car r 't v era i nc the bu.sir_e ;i t, 1 T-0lfc SOS <br />GatOs9 a'4 _a:Ev?I 1 d e f con,d'ucti? g:_. c, er ,v2Y.-,g'~' .Aa~'T of G3i_'- a' <br />cool e'r b_Iri`ard' parlu." cr' Card roo'n' S a!l `fITSt make appl~cati'er~ ' <br />-.P1- `shali°`be <br />tc"' `Y 1 `lo~rn 'Clem" l os ` a'' ice ases'c to, coo Saacl i-2 <br />Ill subs ta.ntiall-y the f c'llotr nfor i; . , <br />