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7- <br />j { .r <br />ASV ORDINAVOE RENAMING CERTAIN STREETS IN THE <br />TO tN OF LOS GATOS. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos do ordain as <br />follows s <br />Section I..That " Sixth Street" shall hereafter be known and <br />called "High School. Court.° <br />Section 2. That " Wilder Street" being the first street westerly <br />of North Santa Cruz Avenue, anal running; Northerly from Saratoga Avenue, <br />shall hereafter be known and called " Monterey Avenue" <br />Section 3. That " Trait ;street" being the second strer;t Westerly <br />from North Santa Cruz Avenue,and running Northerly From Saratoga Avenue, <br />shall hereafter be known and called " San Benito Avenue°. <br />Section 4.That °4 larket Street" the first street Northerly from <br />Johnson Avenue,and running HasterTy From San Jose Avenue to '.Coven limits, <br />shall hereafter be known and called " Loma Alta. Avenue". <br />Section 5. This Ordinance sha1.1. be published once in the Los <br />Gatos Mail News, a„ weekly newaraper printed and published in the Torn <br />of Los Gatos. <br />Passed and adopted this 2last clay of February, '1.921. <br />"Ayes" Trustees <br />"Noes" Trustees <br />J'.W.Crider, A. j.Eriokson, <br />IJ.I illingsworth,T.D.Mabie. <br />None. <br />"Absent" Trustee C.W.Gertr:L° j&~.- <br />&7 <br />~!'ovrn e~ o <br />Loa %Gatos. <br />v - - <br />of <br />T ru s t~ r.s 3 3 n-~ d-ed <br />P <br />