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OI,1~I;NANCE 1V'0, ~.3?7'. <br />ATf OR7~IDTANCF 1r1S`CABLTS1iI1~'CG WATIIt 1~1T1;S FOR Tlil; TOZ~~tN' OF LOS GA~C~S, <br />COt11~T'Y OF SIiNTA C7~t~iA, .STATE OT' CATTI'ORNTA.. <br />7'.I-IF BOARD OF TRUST + ~ S OF TT~T TO?1fN OF T,OS CrA.TOS da orda:tn as <br />01.lolNS:m <br />1?'.h.e sci~.edu7. e zr•at es t a b e charged far wat or' rate payee°s •l, o 'kre <br />I collected far furnishizlg walt.eL:• to customer°s vrit~zin 'the Town of Las Gatos <br />far the year eomznenc~:n~ JulsT 1st, ~,90~~, sl~.al1 be as follows: <br />Section ].. ~'vr tenements occ+upied by a single family of nat <br />more than five persons, per rnonthp•R..~...~..rm.~«~....~.~......~M..«..w-._.._..R~~ <~0 <br />Ssc. 2. I'or fariiilies and private boexding harzses af' raore <br />t~rzan five pzrNons,, shall be cla~rged far .each persaxi abave that <br />nurribex^.,.,.._"w~,ga4.~..~w..~~u«...~..........o~M.~.~,.w~...~..._.~M.... <br />.W.~~.~.,w.n..w..~..~........~m ,15~ <br />Ch3.ldren of seven years and under are exempt fx•om the above <br />z'~at e . <br />See, 3. .For sma11 fanv.lies aceup;~ing roams in sec and and <br />third st.o~•ias, per month...~Km.~....w_..~...a~,..,...,a..WWpa AFm,..~m..«w.~.~.,K....~a <~i5~ <br />Sec. 4. Far.restaurazlts and eating; houses,,, per month <br />3.00 ~to ~mw.~..r.a~,e.~.<..•.....«..w..«,...K..~..,..~a..a.<m...,.~~.m.~Wk.,.....•µw.~.~mw .,.~„ ~:.OQ <br />Soe. 5. For hatels and. ladgln~ houses., rate subject t o x~~~ <br />special agz7^eemerzt in accordance vrith th:e cluxantit+.y of ~wat:er used,, tc <br />be determined by meter as providc;d in Section 27. <br />See:„ 6. ~'ar small st.ox°~s and. shops,. p:er mgz~:~th~«~.-~=M~p~ .50 <br />Sea. R(', For stores and shopsy per month 1.00 t.a»~~-,.,.~ 2,.50 <br />Sec.- f3, Fior sala0z~s' per mazzth 1.50 to mw~»a-•--RM~.L~..M.. 3.50 <br />Sec. ~. F'or raoms in second and ti~.ird stories aea;;upied as <br />ofi°iees, for each roam, per znan~th ~.25 t:aw~~~a~.~.~..-.R.~~w ~.~.S..wR.. e5;0 ~..-~_ <br />SPC, 10. :N'or phatograph ga:Lleraes per mazath 3.00 ta•a~ ~-.00 <br />