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ORDTNATlCE N0. 15;x. <br />AN ORDINANCE ESTABT~7:SHING THE SAI,AHY O:E THE TOWN CLINK. <br />ohs Board of ~rustees~ of the down of I.oa Gatoas do <br />as°dain, as fallowa:w <br />Sec. ~> The salax•y of the down Clerk and Asaeat~or <br />is hereby fixed in the sum of Forty Dollax~a (~40m00) pew <br />month to inclx~de all sex°~ices appertaining to the office, <br />and payalale monthly. <br />Seo. 2® All ordinances and pasta of ordinances in <br />conflict; with this ordinance are hereby repealed. <br />Seo. 3. T'hia ordinance shah. make effect and be in <br />force fram. anti after its passage and publicatian. <br />Passed a11d adopted thin -~~ .day of April, 1~0$, <br />by the fal7.owing ~vote:® <br />Ayes. T''rustee~ ~ILGr ~~N/`-?~-~ '~o~/,® <br />1.%~~~7 <br />Na e 6. ~111'rli at e e a E~~~l/`-~-~ <br />Absent . Truat•eea Q/~~~ _ <br />~s+°ea~der~L 9f oa~°d o~ ~rus~e~a`°_~ <br />AT'~EST <br />7iv't~ii+2~/ <br />~"'~2° <br />