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highway, bearing the word$ 00.~~1ow Down t o den Riil~®s" and <br />an arr®w pointing to the direction where the speed is, to be <br />reduceda <br />Passed and adopted as an Ordinance o~ the Town o~ <br />Dos Gatos at a regu].ax° of the Board oi' Trus-~ees off' <br />said '.1'iowYl this ~.~~~. day o~ '~a,rch;~ g 1905, by tl~e fo~.lowixtg <br />~ot~es <br />Aye%: Trustees ~ i~/ ~~ .~ ..a m~ we.® ..e m <br />~/~ <br />Noes a ~x°usteas ~~G/Y_~( _ _ _ _ <br />Ab'nt ; T.'rus t e e s ~ ~.. - ®.~ , ,r, ,~~ o ~ ®.~ <br />°` /r ~v~. <br />president oi' the Board of ~rus~se€ <br />of th.e down 9~ I,os (€atos,. <br />i ATT~STo <br />~a ~ <br />~7,e~k e~y the Board ~d~' T~ias~®e~'o~ <br />the Torovn o~ I,US Gatos.. <br />a <br />x. <br />