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<br />AN OEtDiNANCi~ 'PO AL~~I~ND ORDYtdANCl N0a E?') 1,N'i'I"_'I,1D °1 AN OTtDItaAt3C`g TO <br />0 <br />I,E~'CnNS~' TfIE SALE OP' SPIRI'1"t1rtTS ~ILN~~, ~tAL'i' ANp Z~1IT~l) LLQCTOR, W1TIIiN <br />~FFi; COf'.1'OFtA1"F I.:L2d];TS Ulu' `.Ckii+ ~.'OW1V OIL' LOS CiAt}!OS E+OR TfTT+' 1't7Ft1'OGu1~,S0E~' RLCTt:Je' <br />4 X '~l <br />LAl'TON AtVI) 1t~Vt~1ViT1:S11 YASiSED BY THIS BOA?IFa Ole 'PFI~ $'Gka DAY OP' ATJ~"rCTS'!' , lfl~~~e <br />Th® Board off' Trrtst~~s oi' tka~s 'Down of T,ocs Crat,os do ords,lYi a.s Poles <br />lUw:i: - <br />Seestion l:- St9e•tion 3 of OrdiYiance lUoa 29 is amended Co read as <br />followfs<~ <br />Said application shall b~ ptab:11si1ad orTee ire some news pape:x pub~- <br />liskaed ire raid `!'own ct't tkie co Qt of said applfoaYi'ty wkaa sklall d~iposit <br />wlitkl ttie said C7.E;Y'1C, Ft'1'ii ti1a~ time elf filiYa~ sa.ici app]~icatie)ny a Sidart stif <br />fieieaYit 'to pay tkiexefox°t~, ~trTd the sctarte siaall be hhard arld ooYasidt~xed at <br />the ra~:~tilar aneeting of said Board next ensuing said public~.'tioti, wiae;aa <br />any person or persoxTS may be laeaacd ilia appo~sitic)n tiaeretom I:E' :said <br />Board shall find that, tkie applicant is a Pit cared proper per=3ori lay rea5oa~ <br />of sobriety and food cheraeter, 'ao condtxr,•t a saloon or other pleas, <br />where; such ligt.iors are to bE sold, ~1'VEtYi away or disposed of, cared ha:~ <br />filesd a bond as kZp~'c;iYibef'ore pxovide3dy 1Yi a,11 r+~5•peots as 'to form and <br />stareti~is sa'tisfaotory to said Fsoard, tkie said T3oaxd :skull s;xant 'the <br />said app~lioant a license for tkie craxxylYa~ on of ties wane, a't tYa® place <br />dPgi~;a;^ aed in his appl'~tzation, if tkiea earns be approved 1:)y said Board, <br />fpr tl'le~ pFriocl oP th'd"@~ fSt~naErCfLatiVF' Tr10Y'Ttiac3 thexea~t'tex, lipOra payrrient ll$ <br />a ~-ieF)YiSP, fa3e1 of `~ ~~~~ ~- , which liC~'Y1~G' ]nay ~l? r~nPwed at teas' <br />e?xpiratiori of every three; ITtf)nthS tta®rvaftPx, i'orrrial. application <br />to tkio Board tkierefor , upon payment oi' s.iid l1e~aYise fee 1Yi adtPanoe, <br />providc;d, that, the saF.d Board rT~ay a'¢~ F°ny 't;inTw xevoke Said licseri9e, ga" <br />re:futse ttie renewal tkieareof, if y iYa 1;he jtadgeuT@nt o;f' Board, the <br />licensee siaall 11avas ~riola'ted any of the pro~ri5ions of this orditaance or <br />ttie randit,iaY7s of Ytis said bond <br />