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PAGE 2 OF 2 <br />SUBJECT: AUTHORIZE THE TOWN MANAGER TO PURCHASE MICROSOFT LICENSING <br />FROM SOFTWAREONE IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $60,277.47 . <br />JUNE 16 , 201 8 <br /> <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS \2018 \06 -19 -18 \08 SoftwareONE18 \Staff Report.FINAL.docx 6/14/2018 10:48 AM CGG <br /> <br />DISCUSSION (cont’d): <br /> <br />In accordance with the Town’s Purchasing Policy, Section 7c (Cooperative Purchasing), the <br />prices for Microsoft software renewals are negotiated by the County of Riverside and sold by <br />volume licensing partner SoftwareONE. Most California agencies, from lar ge ones such as the <br />D epartment of M otor V ehicles to small towns and special districts , use this Enterpr ise <br />Agreement purchasing arrangement to get the best prices. <br /> <br />CONCLUSION : <br /> <br />Authorize the Town Manager to purchase Microsoft licensing from SoftwareONE in an amount <br />not to exceed $60,277.47 . <br /> <br />COORDINATION: <br /> <br />The Finance Department, IT, and Town Manager’s Office coordinated this report . <br /> <br />FISCAL IMPACT : <br /> <br />There are sufficient funds available in the Management Information Systems /IT Fund to <br />purchase these software licenses . <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT : <br /> <br />This is not a project defined under CEQA, and no further action is required. <br /> <br />