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<br /> <br /> Page 2 <br />b.c. Animal control officer: Any person authorized to act on behalf of the Town Manager in <br />the enforcement of this chapter, and on behalf of the County Health Officer in the <br />enforcement of rabies control laws and in the enf orcement of state laws . <br />c.d. Animal menagerie: Any place where dangerous animals are kept or maintained for any <br />purpose, including places where dangerous animals are boarded, exhibited, trained, or <br />kept for hire. <br />d.e. Animal shelter: A facility operated by a public jurisdiction or by an accredited, tax - <br />exempt humane organization for the purpose of impounding, harboring, selling, <br />placing, or destroying seized, stray, distressed, homeless, abandoned, or unwanted <br />animals. <br />f. Animal rescuer : Any person or organization that provides temporary housing and care <br />for domestic animals with the purpose of placing those animals with a new and <br />permanent owner in a new home and that provides evidence satisfactory to the Town <br />Manager or Town Attorney o f a history of active placement or an affiliation with a <br />recognized group with a history of active placement. <br />e.g. Apiary : bees, hives and associated appliances wherever the same are kept. Located or <br />found. <br />h. At large means: <br />(1) The presence of any animal when it is off the premises of its owner and not <br />restrained by a 6 -foot leash under the control of a person physically capable of <br />retaining control of the animal; or <br />(2) When the animal is on the premises of its owner and not restra ined by a 6 -foot <br />leash, fence or other adequate enclosure sufficient to prevent ingress and egress of <br />the animal or not under the control and/or the immediate presence of its owner; or <br />(3) When a female dog is in estrus and not within a house, vehicle or other <br />enclosure adequate to prevent male dogs gaining access to the female dog. <br />f.i. Bees : honey -producing insects of the species apis mellificia, including the adults, eggs, <br />larvae, pupae, or other immature states thereof, together with such materials as are <br />d eposited into hives by their adults, except honey and rendered beeswax. <br />g.j. Cat: A domestic cat (Felis catus ). <br />h.k. Commercial kennel: Any person or facility engaged in the commercial breeding of dogs <br />or cats, or both, for sale, individually or in litter lots; or in the boarding, training, sale or <br />hire of dogs and/or cats for compensation, except that animal hospitals maintained by a <br />veterinarian licensed by the State of California as part of the practice of veterinary <br />medicine, animal shelters, or private kennels shall not be considered commercial <br />kennels.