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PAGE 2 OF 3 <br />SUBJECT: AUTHORIZE THE TOWN M ANAGER TO EXECUTE A FIVE -YEAR AGREEMENT <br />FOR SERVICES WITH PA CIFIC WATER ART, INC. FOR FOUNTA IN <br />MAINTENANCE AND REPA IR SERVICES IN AN AM OUNT NOT TO EXCEED <br />$41,402 IN FISCAL YEAR 2018/19 AND $41,402 PLUS ANNUAL CONSUMER <br />PRICE INDEX ADJUSTME NTS ANNUALLY THEREAF TER <br />JUNE 5, 2018 <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS \2018 \06 -19 -18 \Fountain Maintenance \St aff Report.FINAL.docx 6/13/2018 10:36 AM <br /> <br />DISCUSSION : <br /> <br />Four f irms (Aquatic Environment Inc., California Waterscape, Pacific Water Art, and Potomac <br />Water Works ) were asked to provide their capability and qualifications for the services. As part <br />of the RFP process, staff required perspective bidders to participate in a man datory pre -bid <br />conference. One proposal w as received on May 2 5, 2018 , with t he bid pricing results listed on <br />Attachment 2. <br /> <br />The RFP was structured to secure pricing for ongoing routine maintenance and to establish <br />pricing for common non -routine maintenanc e and repair items. The contract amount includes <br />annual routine maintenance costs of $15,77 7 a nd provides the capacity for additional repairs <br />on an as needed basis up to the total contract amount. <br /> <br />Staff determined that Pacific Water Ar t, Inc. is the best qualified firm to provide the requested <br />services. Pacific Water Art built the Plaza Fountain seventeen years ago as part of the Town <br />Plaza C apital Improvement P roject , along with providing ongoing maintenance and repairs <br />services. In addition, Pacific Water Art provides maintenance and repairs services to the cities <br />of Santa Clara, San Jose, and Redwood City. Reference checks with all three jurisdictions were <br />positive. <br /> <br />The new agreement term would allow for continuity of service and maximizes savings by <br />engaging the firm for multiple years. The contract language provides for cancellation should <br />the need arise during the contract term and ties the work to the budget appropriated by the <br />Town Council annually . To accommodate the potential impact s of inflation on the service, the <br />contract allows for annual increases tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) beginning in year <br />two. <br /> <br />Town staff has been conducting minor repairs on the civic center fountain and will be able to <br />bring that fountain back on line this summer. The fountain maintenance contract also includes <br />services for the ongoing operation of this fountain as well. <br /> <br />CONCLUSION : <br /> <br />Staff recommends that Town Council a uthorize the Town Manager to execute a five -year <br />agreement (Attachment 1) for services with Pacific Water Art, Inc. for fountain maintenance <br />($15,777) services and unforeseen repair s ($25,625 ) in an amount not to exceed $41,402 in <br />fiscal year 2018/19 and $41,402 plus annual consumer price index adjustments annually <br />thereafter. <br /> <br />