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<br /> <br />PREPARED BY : STEVE REGAN <br /> Parks & Public Works Superintendent <br /> <br /> <br />Reviewed by: Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Town Attorney, Finance Director, and Parks and <br />Public Works Director <br /> <br /> <br />110 E. Main Street Los Gatos, CA 95030 ● 40 8 -354 -68 32 <br /> <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />MEETING DATE: 6/19 /2018 <br />ITEM NO: 5 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />D ATE : JUNE 5 , 2018 <br />TO : MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />FROM: LAUREL PREVETTI, TOWN MANAGER <br />SUBJECT: AUTHORIZE THE TOWN M ANAGER TO EXECUTE A FIVE -YEAR AGREEMENT <br />FOR SERVICES WITH PACIFIC WATER ART , INC. F OR FOUNTAIN <br />MAINTENANCE AND RE PAIR SERVICES IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED <br />$41,402 IN FISCAL YEAR 2018/19 AND $41,402 PLUS ANNUAL CONSUMER <br />PRICE INDEX ADJUSTME NTS ANNUALLY THEREAF TER <br /> <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION : <br /> <br />Staff recommends that Town Council a uthorize the T own M anager to execute a five -year <br />agreement (Attachment 1) for services with P acific W ater A rt , Inc. for fountain maintenance <br />and repair services in an amount not to exceed $41,402 in fiscal year 2018/19 and $41,402 plus <br />annual cons umer price index adjustments annually thereafter . <br /> <br />BACKGROUND : <br /> <br />The Town of Los Gatos has utilized contractual service s for maintenance and repair of the <br />interactive foun t ain located in Plaza Park for the past seventeen years. Staff reviews these <br />maintenance contracts regularly to ensure that the services provided are being performed <br />satisfactorily, are competitively priced, and continue to meet the Town’s expectations and <br />contract terms. <br /> <br />The current fountain maintenance and repair cont r act with Pacific Water Art will expire on June <br />30, 2018. With the existing contract set to expire at the end of thi s fiscal year , staff initiated a <br />Request f or Proposals earlier this calendar year . <br />