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Commissioner Appointments[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 1 - Draft Council Minutes of 6-4-2019[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 10 - Budget Adjustments to Recognize Receipt and Expenditure of NorthNet Library System Grant Funds[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 11 - Reso Updating the Town Manager's Authority During Official Periods of Town Council Recess[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 12 - Agreement with LG-Saratoga Union HS District and LG Union School District for School Resource Officer Services[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 13 - Second Amendment to Agreement with Sunnyvale Building Maintenance for Custodial Services[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 14 - Hwy 17 Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Engineering[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 15 - Final Report on Hazardous Vegetation Brush Abatement Annual Program for 2019[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 16 - Landscaping and Lighting Assessment Districts No 1 and 2[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 17 - Reso Making Determinations and Ordering Annexation of Certain Urban Unincorporated Islands within the Town of Los Gatos Urban Service Area[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 18 - Town Code Amendment Application A-19-001: Amendments to Ch 29 ‎(Zoning Regulations)‎ re Fences, Hedges, and Walls[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 2 - Agreement with LG Chamber for Town Info Center and Leadership LG[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 3 - First Amendment to Agreement with ZAG Technical Services[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 4 - First Amendment to Agreement with Bartel and Associates for Actuarial Services[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 5 - Purchase of Microsoft Licensing from SoftwareONE[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 6 - Five Year Agreement with Pro-Sweep for Downtown Power Washing and Parking Lot Sweeping Serivces[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 7 - Ordinance Amending Ch 15 of LG Town Code Entiled Motor Vehicles and Traffic[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 8 - Town Code Amendment Application A-19-002: Ordinance Amending Ch 29 ‎(Zoning Regulations)‎ Demolition Regulations[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 9 - Agreement with Elite Hearing and Air Conditioning[Icon] DEFAULT
Agenda[Icon] 4 DEFAULT
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