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From: tomaboyce <br />Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 2:46 PM <br />To: Council; Marcia Jensen; BSpector, Steven Leonardis; maricosayoc• <br />robrennie. <br />Subject: For inclusion in Almond Grove agenda item for Feb 16 <br />Attachments: Almond Grove Feb 7 Total Estimated Budget.xls <br />Dear Council Members, <br />On February 16 the issues surrounding the Almond Grove Project will again be on the Town Council agenda <br />The purpose of this communication is to highlight the importance of establishing a town budget for all ten <br />streets and setting aside dedicated sources of funds to cover all ten streets. <br />To estimate an updated town budget, it is important to use unit prices from the February 1 st low bidders and to <br />use street by street quantities from the Nichols December 2010 conceptual design. Applying this approach, I <br />have prepared spreadsheets for both concrete and asphalt for all ten streets (attached). My estimate for the total <br />town budget for each paving option is: <br />Concrete Ten Streets = $16,429,867 (includes contingency, mgt & admin) <br />Asphalt Ten Streets = $14,111,323 <br />(includes contingency, mgt & admin) <br />You should expect the town engineer's updated estimates for all ten streets to be close to the above numbers. <br />In fairness to all the Almond Grove residents, please do not approve construction for any streets unless and until <br />you have dedicated sources of funds to complete the entire project. Either pave ALL TEN streets with the <br />material you choose; or pave NONE! <br />Best regards. <br />Tom Boyce <br />ATTACHMENTS <br />