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ORDINANCE 1816 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />AMENDING THE SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE SECTION OF THE TOWN CODE <br />TO PERMIT DEVELOPMENT REVIEW COMMITTEE APPROVAL OF <br />LOT LINE ADJUSTMENTS <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES HEREBY ORDAIN: <br />SECTION I <br />The Subdivision Ordinance Section of the Town Code of the Town of Los Gatos is <br />hereby amended to permit Development Review Committee approval of lot line <br />adjustments. <br />SECTION II <br />Section 27 -3.5 of the Town Code is amended as follows: <br />Section 27 -3.5. Development Review Committee <br />The Development Review Committee: <br />(1) Under the provisions of Section 3.10.010 of the Zoning Ordinance and <br />Section 66424.2 of the State Subdivision Map Act, determines whether lots have been <br />merged. <br />(2) Determines and issues zoning approval for lot line adjustments and lot <br />mergers. <br />(3) Regularly reviews and makes recommendations to the Planning <br />Commission concerning the determination of all subdivision matters which come <br />before the Planning Commission. <br />