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tower, of :1~IEETI\G DATE: 10/18/10 <br />t;;~{~ ITE1I \O: <br />:.t <br />~0s~ca~°SJ COL:'\CIL AGE\DA REPORT <br />DATE: October 13, 2010 <br />TO: ~~AYOR AND TO\\~:\ COliNC1L AND PLA\NING COI~~IMISSION <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TO\\'1~l MANAGER <br />SUBJECT: RE\~IE\\~ OF THE DRAFT ?007 - ?014 HOUSING ELEMENT <br />RECOIi~iE\DATIO\: <br />1. Review and Discussion of the Draft ?007 -?014 Housing Element. <br />2. Consider any public comments. <br />BACILGROL~D A\D SL~I~IARI': <br />Since late 200, the General Plan Con>lnittee {GPC) has been «-orking with the General Plan <br />consultants and staff on the ?007 - ?014 Housing Element. The first draft of the Housing <br />L-lenient ~~-as released for public re~~iew in December X009, and the second draft «-as released in <br />late September ?010. The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), the <br />state a~enc~~ responsible for reyie«-ing and cel-tifying Housing Elements. is currently conducting <br />the second review of the Element. Staff anticipates that HCD a-ill certify the Town's Housing <br />Element. HCD's comments are due October ?~. ?010. y <br />The GPC completed a thorough revie«- of the second draft on September ?9, ?010, and <br />recommended that the Plalllling Commission and To~~~n Council revie~r and approve the Housing <br />Element. In addition to the joint To~yn Council and Plamling Conullission Housing Elemealt <br />snide session on October 1 S, ?010, the Planning Commission and To~yn Council «-ill each hold <br />public hearing=s on October ?7 and i~lovember 1, 2010, respecti~~ely. <br />This report summarizes the state requirements for Housing Elements, local housing needs. and <br />t11C proposed llouslllg pr0YT1'a111S alld pO11C1i;S fbl' the 1'eIIlallllllg four veal's Of the progl'alll pcnod. <br />``' <br />J <br />PREPARED B1": \\- endie R. Rooney. Director of Community Development <br />Revi ~ved by: ~~ Assistant To«~n ~-Tanager Down Attorney Clerk Finance <br />~, Community Development <br />Reformatted: ~ 3U ;;_ <br />DE\' C\CLRPTS~'Oli~ Hou:m~ Element 10 ]S 2010.doc <br />