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~pWN_pF <br />;,~f?', <br />~. `o.,`,'~'oS COL\CIL aGE\~~ REPORT <br />S G AZ <br />11EETI\G D ATE <br />ITEM \O; 1 <br />D_-ATE: OCTOBER 13. 2010 <br />TO: A~L~YOR Al\D TO«1~ COL ~ ~CIL <br />FROM: GREG LARSO\, TO«T '~~L=~\TAGER <br />T ~,. <br />SL~TECT: ACCEPT FISCAL YEAR 2009-10 A\\LAL REPORT <br />RECO'~1~IL--'~DATIOiyr: <br />Accept Fiscal fear 2009-10 Annual Report. <br />BACKGROL~D: <br />IO/IS/10 <br />To« n Code requires the To«~n ~Iana~.*er to submit to the To«-n Council a report on the finances and <br />adnliiustrati~'e acti~•ities of the To«°n at the end of the fiscal 5-ear. Detailed information on the <br />To«~n's finances for last fiscal year «-ill be pro~~ided in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report <br />(CAFR) presented to Council in early 2010. <br />Prior to Fiscal Year 2002-03. staff provided a report to Council reQardin~ activities and <br />accomplishments in memorandum fora. Beaituuna in Fiscal Tear 2002-03, the annual report has <br />been produced in ne~~~sletter format and delivered to Los Gatos households. <br />DISCLSSIO\: <br />.attached is a copy of the annual report for Fiscal Year 2009-10. The newsletter version ~>,•ill be <br />mailed all Los Gatos addresses in late October. Additional copies of the Annual Report ~~-ill be <br />a~-ailable for distribution tlu-ou~hout the year. <br />E\\~IRO\\IE\TAL ASSESS'~IE'~T: <br />Is not a project defined under CEQA. and no fu>-ther action is required. <br />~~ <br />~i.ii~f.i~ Lti t`J G~ ~~i~~''~ <br />PREPARED BZ': PAIIEL ~ JACOBS <br />Assistant Town Manager <br />PJ:]1 <br />\: \iGR_~dnun~Vor}:Files?O10 Council Reports 10-]i;-i(i Ar_nual; <br />Revie«•ed bv: Assistant To«~n ?~!Iana~er Wr-)y``~'o~~•n Attor~ev <br />Clerk Administrator Finance ~ Conullunity Development <br />