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<br />oWx o <br />:. TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />"' PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br />~oo~eni~s Meeting Date: August 25, 2010 <br />PREPARED BY: Jennifer L. Savage, Associate Planner <br />j savage(a,losgatosca. gov <br />APPLICATION NO.: Conditional Use Permit U-10-011 <br />ITEM NO: 1 <br />LOCATION: 15 '/ N. Santa Cruz Avenue (south side of W. Main Street, <br />approximately 240 feet northwest of N. Santa Cruz Avenue) <br />APPLICANT: Dave Powell, LGBG, LLC <br />PROPERTY OWNER: La Canada Investments, LLC <br />CONTACT PERSON: Joe Guerra <br />APPLICATION SUMMARY: Requesting approval to increase the hours of operation, increase <br />the number of seats, and allow live entertainment in a bar and <br />restaurant (Los Gatos Bar & Grill) on property zoned C-2:LHP. <br />APN 510-44-077. <br />RECOMMENDATION: Forward Conditional Use Permit U-10-011 to the Town Council <br />with an overall Recommendation of Denial If the Planning <br />Commission fmds merit with the project, staff has included <br />recommended conditions in this report which, in some cases, <br />differ from the applicant's request. <br />PROJECT DATA: General Plan Designation: Central Business District <br />Zoning Designation: C-2:LHP -Central Business District: <br />Landmark and Historic Preservation Overlay <br />Applicable Plans & Standards: General Plan; Central Los Gatos <br />Redevelopment Plan; Alcoholic Beverage Policy; Outdoor <br />Restaurant Seating Standards. <br />Parcel Size: 27,007 square feet <br />Surrounding Area: <br /> Existing Land Use i General Plan ,Zoning <br /> <br />North <br />Commercial <br />Cent <br />r <br />a <br />l <br />B <br />u <br />siness <br />Distri <br />ct _ <br />i C-2:LHP <br />East _ <br />;Commercial __ <br />_ <br />_ <br />_ <br />_ <br />__ <br />_ <br />_ <br />_ <br />__ <br />~ Central Business District C-2:LHP <br />South Commercial j Central Business District ~ C-2 <br /> <br />West <br />Parking Lot <br />j Central Business District ________ <br />~ C-2 <br />des ~~'~~}als`~.4.st1`E 1 <br />