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DRAFT <br />Motion by Commissioner Marcia Jensen and seconded by Commissioner Charles Erekson <br />to forward Planned Development Application PD-08-004 to the Town Council with a <br />recommendation for denial of the application as presented for reasons stated by herself, <br />Commission Talesfore and Vice Chair Sayoc. <br />Motion carried 4-1 with Commissioner Thomas O'Donnell dissenting, Chair John Bourgeois <br />and Commissioner Phil Micciche excused. <br />Motion by Commissioner Marcia Jensen and seconded by Commissioner Thomas O'Donnell <br />to continue Architecture and Site Applications 5-08-014 through 5-08-020 to September 22, <br />2010. <br />Motion carried 5-0 with Chair John Bourgeois and Commissioner Phil Micciche excused. <br />Interim Town Attorney Michael Martello <br />• Commented that since the A&S did not move forward there is no appeal for that matter. The <br />Town Council was originally scheduled to review the PD next Wednesday, but it is now <br />believed that it may need to be noticed for a later time. <br />Vice Chair Marico Sayoc <br />• Commented she had comments from two Commissioners regarding Item #3. <br />Commissioner Marcia Jensen <br />Commented she is recusing herself from Item #3 because her residence is within 500 feet of <br />the project. <br />Commissioner Joanne Talesfore <br />• Commented she is recusing herself from Item #3 because the developer of the project is the <br />president of her homeowners association. <br />Vice Chair Marico Sayoc called for a short break at 8:54 p.m. and reconvened the meeting at <br />9:02 p.m. <br />Commissioner Phil Micciche joined the meeting. <br />371 Los Gatos Boulevard. Planned Development Application PD-10-003. Requesting <br />approval to amend a Planned Development to allow off=site BMP units and construction of <br />one fewer unit within the project on properly zoned RM:S-12:PD and R-1D:LPH:PD. <br />APN 529-22-044. PROPERTY OWNER/APPLICANT: Santa Clara Development Co. <br />PROJECT PLANNER: Suzanne Davis. (Continued from 6/30/10 and 7/14/10 Planning <br />Commission meetings) <br />Vice Chair Marico Sayoc opened the public hearing. <br />Senior Planner Suzanne Davis presented the staff report. <br />Planning Commission Page 14 August 11, 2010 <br />Attachment 3 <br />