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OWN ~F <br />t{V~~jV <br />ions COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />DATE: August 16, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER <br />MEETING DATE: August 18, 2010 <br />ITEM NO: l <br />e~ <br />SUBJECT: TOWN OF LOS GATOS RESPONSE TO THE SANTA CLARA COUNTY <br />CIVIL GRAND JURY REPORT, "CITIES MUST REIN IN UNSUSTAINABLE <br />EMPLOYEE COSTS" <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Accept the 2009-10 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury Report, "Cities Must Rein in <br />Unsustainable Employee Costs," and authorize the Town Manager to fmalize, sign and transmit <br />the Town's response to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The Civil Grand Jury is an investigatory body that reviews and evaluates procedures, methods <br />and systems used by governmental agencies to determine whether a local agency complies with <br />stated objectives and if the agency's operations can be made more efficient and/or effective. <br />California Penal Code section 933(c) requires the governing body of the public agency which has <br />been the subject of a Grand Jury final report to respond to the findings and recommendations. <br />The deadline for the Town to.provide a response to the presiding judge is Monday, August 30, <br />2010. The responses must be provided in the following format: <br />For each applicable findin>7: 1) The respondent agrees with the fmding, or <br />2) The respondent disagrees wholly or partially~with <br />the finding. <br />For each applicable recommendation: 1) The recommendation has been implemented; <br /> 2) The recommendation has not yet been implemented <br /> but will be implemented in the future; <br /> 3) The recommendation requires further analysis; <br /> include timeline not to exceed six months. <br /> 4) The recommendation will not be implemented <br /> because it is not warranted or is not reasonable. <br />PREPARED B g~~,~ ~ ~~'l ~f~' V`! <br />N:\PSL\Rumi\Cunent\Grand Jury Report\Counci] Report Grand Jury Response Aug 18 2010.dac <br />Reviewed by: ~,~ Assistant Town Manager <br />Clerk Administrator Finance <br />Attorney <br />ty Development <br />