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Conditions ffor Discussionl that might Benefit Neihbors: <br />• The removal of trees 13, 14, 15 should be mitigated by the <br />planting of six (6) Myrica Californica 24" box trees along the <br />northwest property line for screening purposes. Tree removal <br />and replacement should occur concurrently with the <br />installation of the storm drain to Union Ave. Tree #10 should <br />be retained. [Benefits Lynot] <br />• Six (6) Myrica Californica 24" box trees should be planted <br />along the northeast property line for screening purposes. <br />[Benefits Mangano] <br />• The fence along the north property line should match the <br />existing Mangano/Lynott fence in style and height [6ft with a <br />lft lattice] subject to a Building Permit with a mutual written <br />agreement between neighbors. [Benefits Lynot and Mangano] <br />• Removal of trees 1, 2, 4 should be mitigated by planting six (6) <br />Redwood 24" box trees along the southwest property line for <br />screening purposes. Tree removal and replacement should <br />occur concurrently with Union Ave street improvements. <br />[Benefits Martinez] <br />• Any house design proposed for Parcel 1 should attempt to <br />retain the Chinese Elm [Tree #3] centrally located on the p~ ,~,~' <br />property. [Benefits artinez, Lynot and P~~cel >r ~s well ~~,~,o~s <br />'J Drainage I - ~ u lie Retent~io"n'~-rGfher than m <br />"Infiltration" techniques. [Benefits Lynot, Buesing, Mangano] <br />Any Driveway along the north Property Line shall have a curb <br />at its north edge to minimize run-off toward neighboring <br />~~~ properties. [Benefits Lynot, Buesing, Mangano] <br />~~Ei~Et~ <br />J~1N 9 _ 2iJ"i0 <br />TOWN flF LOS GATOS <br />PLANNINv DIVISION <br />ATTACA[fENT ll <br />