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r <br />.~°W" °`: TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />•°~• PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br />~ s cez°s Meering Date: June 9, 2010 <br />PREPARED BY: Suzanne Davis, Associate Planner <br />sdavis(r~,los¢atosca. gov <br />ITEM NO: 2 <br />DESK ITEM <br />APPLICATION NO: Architecture and Site Applications 5-08-30, S-09-33, and 5-09-34 <br />Subdivision Application M-08-13 <br />LOCATION: 15928 Union Avenue (east side of Union Avenue, just north of <br />Leewood Court) <br />APPLICANT: Tony Jeans, T.H.LS. Design <br />PROPERTY OWNER: 217 O'Connor LLC <br />CONTACT: Tony Jeans <br />APPLICATION <br />SUMMARY: Requesting approval to demolish an existing single-family residence <br />and subdivide a .93 acre parcel into three lots and to construct two new <br />residences on property zoned R-1:8. No significant environmental <br />impacts have been identified as a result of this project, and a Mitigated <br />Negative Declaration is recommended. APN 527-42-008. <br />DEEMED COMPLETE: May 20, 2010 <br />FINAL DATE TO TAKE ACTION: July 9, 2010, for Tentative Map; <br />November 20, 2010, for Architecture and Site applications. <br />EXHIBITS: 1.-21. Location map <br />22. Revised project data sheets <br />23. August 26, 2009 Planning Commission Minutes (six pages) <br />DISCUSSION: <br />There was an error on the project data sheet for proposed Parcel 2 and missing information on <br />the data sheet for proposed Parcel 3. Revised project data sheets are attached as Exhibit 22. <br />Minutes from the August 26, 2009, Planning Commission meeting are being provided for <br />background information as requested by Commissioner Sayoc (see Exhibit 23). <br />The chart provided in the staff report under the Neighborhood compatibility section shows the <br />maximum allowable house and garage sizes rather than the actual numbers for the proposed <br />project. The following chart has been revised to reflect the applicant's proposal for the new <br />homes on Parcels 2 and 3. <br />ATTACHMENT 9 <br />