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Orville Buesing <br />May 27, 2010 <br />.,~ ~ ~~ <br />Members of the Town of Los Gatos Planning Commission <br />110 East Main Street ,' 'ZuiJ <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 ; ,. cos ~aTOs <br />I'L,~i~l~li~~!G DIVISION <br />Re: Reconsideration of the 15928 Union Avenue Subdivision <br />And Architectural and Site Application <br />am Orville Buesing a Los Gatos resident and property owner at 15892 <br />Union Avenue for the past thirty-seven years and have lived in the Los <br />Gatos area for more than fifty years. My property is the second lot north of <br />the proposed development. <br />ask that you deny this application as not meeting the Town's general plan <br />and development intensity guidelines and sections B, C, and D of the <br />California Subdivision Map Act. <br />This property should be divided into two lots and two single story homes. <br />The applicant has submitted plans that have negative impact to the <br />surrounding properties in the neighborhood in several ways. <br />1. The applicant has requested a three lot subdivision but has only <br />developed plans for the two proposed homes on Panorama Way. <br />We in the neighborhood feel that any proposal should display <br />architectural designs for lot one on Union Avenue to show a <br />complete subdivision package. <br />2. Drainage issues are a huge concern in this neighborhood. All <br />properties have sump pumps that operate continually during wet <br />weather winter months. The soil in the area consists of clay to a <br />1 <br />~'x~tt~t't" 17 <br />