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Geoff Mitchell <br />115 Panorama Way <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 <br />Wednesday, May 26, 2010 <br />Suzanne Davis <br />Community Development Dept., <br />Town of Los Gatos <br />110 East Main <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 <br />Subject: 15928 Union Avenue Subdivision and Architectural <br />Dear Planning Commission members, <br />R~C~IV~® <br />MAY 2 7 2010 <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />PLANNING DIVISION <br />My name is Geoff Mitchell. My family resides at 115 Panorama Way, at the end of the street <br />where the Union Avenue property being discussed is located. I have repeatedly written and <br />spoken at public hearings on this topic over the course of the past two years. In the spirit of <br />being brief and direct, I would like to raise the following points for your consideration. <br />KEY POINTS <br />• Based on the Town Codes and Planning Guidelines, the proposed subdivision and <br />architectural design is unsuitable for this property and the neighborhood of Panorama Way <br />and Union Avenue. The attached January 2010 letter from our lawyer, Kirsten Powell, <br />highlights the Town's General Plan, Land Use Goals and Policies, and Government Codes <br />supporting these findings. <br />• The prior subdivision application was denied unanimously by the Planning Commission, <br />and upheld by a Town Council majority vote, due to town code and planning guideline <br />violations caused by this attempt to fit three lots into a space suited for only two. Nothing in <br />this revised plan has changed that negates those violations. They still exist in this new <br />proposal. <br />• The architectural intensity of the home designs is unacceptable as a continuation of <br />Panorama Way or Union Avenue. The intensity of the size of the homes and the deviation <br />from the uniform use of the land violates the Land Use Goal and Town's General Plan (as <br />detailed in the Kirsten Powell letter as well). <br />• Although the developer previously eluded to Leewood and Lasuen courts as being part of <br />the neighborhood, the Town Council clearly stated that the definition of "The Neighborhood" <br />is that of Union Ave and Panorama Way. (There are no streets or pathways connecting them <br />with Panorama Way, although traffic exits onto Union Ave no homes sit on Union Ave or <br />have a Union Ave address, an 8ft fence running the entire length of the property separates <br />Leewood Court from ?5928 Union Ave. and any homes positioned on this lot will inherit a <br />Panorama Way or Union Avenue street address.) <br />ffiIBIT 16 <br />