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-) - - Page 1 of I <br />Suzanne Davis - 15928 Union Ave -using Panorama for construction traffic <br />From: Cecilia hohnberg <> <br />To: <> <br />Date: 5/6/2010 12:21 PM <br />Subject: 15928 Union Ave -using Panorama for construction traffic <br />CC: <> <br />Hi Suzanne, I would like to submit this letter for the next planning commission meeting. <br />Thanks, <br />Cecilia <br />Dear Commissioners- <br />I spoke with Tom Mangano the other day, and he told me had learned that Grant and leans are now <br />proposing to leave the existing dwelling in place in order to continue collecting rent while construction <br />begins on the back side of the property, utilizing Panorama Way as the access point, if the application <br />should be approved. <br />For the record, this is completely unacceptable to my husband and me, and I'm sure to all our other <br />neighbors on Panorama as well. In order to try to buy our cooperation, they assured us that construction <br />traffic would be minimized on our street and that the site would be screened off to reduce dust and noise, <br />and now they want to funnel the bulk of the construction traffic and work through our cul-de-sac. We <br />originally asked for the traffic concession not just because of the inconvenience or discomfort, but <br />because there are now THIRTEEN children who live and play on Panorama, including three toddlers! <br />And I don't mean "play" figuratively -our children run back and forth to each other's houses, play <br />basketball and hockey, ride bikes, play hide-and-seek, learn to walk...they really, truly play, all up and <br />down our street, pretty much every single day that it's not raining. <br />As residents and property owners, we have the right to peaceful enjoyment of our homes and our <br />neighborhood, which should not suffer a major negative impact when there is another, more direct, <br />access point to the property. I understand that Grant and Jeans are probably trying to Look at all aspects <br />of this project to find ways to save money, but let me reiterate that their construction budget is not OUR <br />responsibility; there is absolutely NO reason that our children should help pay Grant's rent on that old <br />shack by giving up their safety and well-being for a year (or however long the construction would take). <br />This is yet another example to add to the laundry list of things that Grant and Jeans have misrepresented, <br />with regard to this project. <br />We ask the commission to please take these issues into consideration and protect the children of <br />Panorama Way by rejecting the proposal to channel construction traffic into our neighborhood. <br />Thank you, <br />Cecilia Holmberg <br />file://C:\Users\sdavis\AppData\LocallTemp\XPgrpwise\4BE2B441TOWN DOTOWNPO ExHIBIT 13 <br />