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~~ <br />GAN NOiVT <br />DESIGN <br />GROUP <br />b{arch ?~, zoto <br />{s. Suzanne Da~1s <br />Commutate Def-elopment Deparuneat <br />Town of Lo, Gatos <br />t 10 E. \[ain Street <br />l'.O. Bus 9~9 <br />Lns Gatos, G~ 9~03t <br />RE; 15923 Union Are /Lots 2 & 3 <br />Dear Suzanne: <br />ARCHITECTURE PL~utiiVG UR3AN DESIGV <br /> <br /> <br />P~At~1^ilf~dG DIVI~!`::i'J <br />This ~e a re«sed fi~L'uw up letter to mF earlier rec-iew dared \la_cii 1G, and responds to the applicant's changes mace in <br />response to the issues raised in that revieR! <br />Neighborhood Context <br />T'tte site is part of Luger parcel with frontages on Ut'ie>n '>.renue snd Panorama ~ia~. Tlus specific parcel will be located <br />nn a neR- cul-de-sac at the end of Panorama ~'a~ The site is 6urdered on all sides b} existinb single family homes, some <br />older Ranch Steve homes and others newer, and larger homes. Phr~tos of the site aed si:rmunding neinhhorhood are <br />ShU\Gn t1C1U\4. <br />"EL 1' i '.1; ~7•+S =iX: ~ i i. 17' ~",.' cs+~iL ,~:~.r,, ..,,. .. ~_ I ,.,, <br />tRU r,~33CR JRI\'f iU~'c ! + i.~t;i~.LT_ _ '~ ,. <br />CXHi;3i7 ' +,' <br />