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FILING FEES <br />X321.00 Residential <br />St 58.00 ~cr Comma•cial, D'[ulti- <br />family m• 1' ~ntative I;y~~p~ylcal <br />Town of L <br />Office of fhe To\ <br />11011. Nlain St., Los C <br />APPEAL OP' PLANNIiVG <br />U <br />A 95030 <br />1~D~N <br />I, the undersigned, do hereby appeal a decision of the Planning Commission as follows: (PLEnSE T P8 OR T[Z <br />D.n"rE or PLnNNi~G coMVUSSIOn' DECISION: ~ 9 11 a cf.~ax <br />..; • . _ - <br />I>IZOrECr; Affl~lc:\T1oN Na: -. ~.... _._. -.. ------- ~ , Z\~ k.~- ~ J`~ <br />ADDRESS LOCATU)N: ! ~~`~--~ V. Nlc~ A-~?C @-.1"~A"\aRF?t-tA ' `~ ~j(-'C1 -(~O 'tie p, <br />Pursuant to the Town Codc. dte'I'own Council may only grant an appeal of a Plamring Commission decision in most n ancrs it t to ~t'~ <br />Council finds that one of three (3) reasons exist for granting the appeal bg a vote of at Ieast three (3) Council mzmbers. Thcrefm~e. <br />please specify how one oP those reasons exist in the appeal: <br />p u ~~ <br />I . The Planning Convnission erred or abused its discretion because ~C-z-~tG-~ a''y '~.P~tSO~" Ff{t~' f1C'f ,~ t~' ~} <br />a~"~X>~r~l'C{ t$ IN VAU7> A~ l~si t'`t' (w lL~'tT•tt~?{4'7t'I ~~ @. ~R.''~~~©~.[7 °~{-L-t~TS (_ ~-l;&C~C.7 <br />r U~iTG= RT ~? c~~~;~,c ~~ a 2 ~-".,? ~Jt R-c--_ l _. - -- --- `~t~ <br />~,~:, D+~slGra o2 tr-tr~~E-tca~T'"Gt=Suy~tc.t`~t~ tS i~)e~sa~.~.~.••[~i~ir t.~ C~ c°'4~.---- <br />I`{IS-tN'Tr~i"L~`(G~ ~P Y ~ . 'Cb s<{C~I.J 1>~IC+tJ C4" 4-~-C.v:~ o IaV ~t-t"C`( f C S'tk2cQ4A~c <br />Sll~-t'-~'T Ikt'f-'~U~..AtC~~~S ~• IIJ~-t~ti.IS`~-21.CT"c¢.rL',~° , `t.~ ~:lCrj~ i ~ (~ (S ~~~{ i'~~G n.i <br />O-~ `t~G4-H°t e':eT~~l- ~ S("~iG a '?-EStiw'~t. (''t'~• CAS ~f~a~attse# Etit~aceus~rirrati n rt-po'~rblej-E`s~T <br />;. The Planning Commission did not have disa~etimt to modify or address the following policy or issue that is vested in the'1'own <br />Cnuncil: _ _._ <br />14':titORli SP,\CA: IS YFiEUEU, YLEASF. A"1~T:\CH ADD[l'IO\:\I. Sti PETS <br />INl I'ORTANT: <br />I. Appellant is responsihte for fees For transcriptimr of minutes. A_ 5506.00 deposit is required at the time of filing. <br />?. Appeal must be Fled within ten (10) calendar days of Planning Commission Decision accompanied by the required filing fez. <br />Deadline is 5:00 on the 10'" day following the decision. if the I O^ day is a Satw~day, Sunday, or "town holiday, then it <br />may be Fled on the workday inunzdiately following the td' day, usually a Monday. <br />;. -fhe Town Clerk will set the hearing withiug 56 days of the date of the Planning Commission Decision (town Ordinance No. <br />1967) <br />4. An appeal regarding a Change of Lone application or a subdivision map only must be Bled within he time limit specified in <br />the `Zoning or Subdivision Codc. as applicable, which is different F-om other appeals. - <br />j. Onec Fled, [ire appeal will be heard by the Town Council. <br />(~. II the reason for granting an appeal is the receipt of new information: the aopiication wi ~ ~ ! Iv be returned to the Planning <br />Commission lur rcconsidcration. ;/, <br />' --~~ <br />fIZIN-f Nn~IE: `fir?''-.ter -~ e~s`y~ sicvnTURI_: _ -~ _ ;'__:=--1--__ - <br />Dr\'I'E: ~ f I~'~I U.T... ADDRESS: ~,©~7lcS~C fSf ~ r '-r`3.S ~i'~m-'ny <br />°~~ OFFICIAL USE OV LY ~"~ <br />~t . <br />D.\"1'l. Of I'UL3LIC IIEnRING: ~i(n : ~'_; F-. (`- ~- ~'-+ i !J CONPIRMA"('ION LE-I"Il?R SEN"f: Date: <br />fending Planning Department Cmrfirmation ~~•~~_~ l'0 ;1PPLICAN"L' & APPELLnN"f 13Y: <br />Dr\TE TO SlilD PUL3L(G\l'10\': DA"rfi OF PI,DEIC:\1lON: <br />ors-runa:n~:,~ .. "r:,..:er,,,sem:.. rn:, ., r_~„...>,. ,a:a .,_..: <br />ATTACffiAENT 6 <br />