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TOWN COUNCIL -AUGUST 16, 2010 <br />CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL <br />15928 Union Avenue -Parcels 2 and 3 <br />Architecture and Site Applications 5-09-33 & S-09-34 <br />Requesting approval to construct two new single-family residences on vacant parcels created by <br />a three-lot subdivision on property zoned R-1:8. APN 527-42-008. <br />PROPERTY OWNER: 217 O'Connor LLC <br />APPLICANT: Tony Jeans, T.H.LS. Design <br />TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: <br />Planning Division <br />1. APPROVAL. This application shall be completed in accordance with all of the <br />conditions of approval listed below and in substantial compliance with the plans <br />approved by the Planning Commission on June 9, 2010, and noted as received by the <br />Town on May 20, 2010. Any changes or modifications to the approved plans shall be <br />approved by the Community Development Director, the Planning Commission or Town <br />Council depending on the scope of the change(s). <br />2. EXPIRATION OF APPROVAL. The Architecture and Site applications will expire two <br />years from the date of the approval pursuant to Section 29.20.335 of the Town Code, <br />unless the approval is used prior to expiration. <br />3. TOWN INDEMNITY. Applicants are notified that Town Code Section 1.10.115 requires <br />that any applicant who receives a permit or entitlement from the Town shall defend, <br />indemnify, and hold harmless the Town and its officials in any action brought by a third <br />party to overturn, set aside, or void the permit or entitlement. This requirement is a <br />condition of approval of all such permits and entitlements whether or not expressly set <br />forth in the approval, and may be secured to the satisfaction of the Town Attorney. <br />4. TENTATIVE MAP. All conditions of approval for Tentative Map M-09-13 remain in <br />full force and effect unless modified by the conditions herein. <br />5. OUTDOOR LIGHTING. House exterior and landscape lighting shall be kept to a <br />minimum, and shall be down directed fixtures that will not reflect or encroach onto <br />adjacent properties. The outdoor lighting plan shall be reviewed during building plan <br />check. Any changes to the lighting plan shall be approved by the Planning Division prior <br />to installation. <br />6. GREEN BUILDING. The houses shall be designed to achieve compliance with <br />GreenPoint Rated Standards for green building certification. The GreenPoint checklist <br />shall be completed by a Certified Green Building Professional. <br />7. NEW TREES. Required replacement and screening trees shall be planted prior to final <br />inspection and issuance of an occupancy permit. Minimum tree size is 24-inch box. <br />8. TREE STAKING. All newly planted trees shall be double-staked using rubber tree ties. <br />Building Division <br />9. PERMITS REQUIRED: A building permit is required for the demolition of the existing <br />single family residence and construction of the new single family residence and accessory <br />structure. Separate permits are required for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work as <br />necessary. <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />ATTACHlII?NT 5 <br />