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MEMORANDUM <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />To: Chair John Bourgeois .and Planning Commmission Members <br />From: Wendie R. Rooney, Director of Community Development <br />Subject: Transmittal of Final EIR and General Plan Coininent Matrix <br />Date: June 18, 2010 <br />In preparation for the June 23 and 30, 2010, Planning Commission meetings for the draft 2020 <br />General Plan, attached please find the Final EIR {FEIR) and the General Plan Comment Matrix. <br />The Planning Commission will be discussing both of these documents at the June 23 and 30, <br />2010, meetings. <br />Comment Matrix: The Comment Matrix contains all the outside agencies, public and Town <br />Commission, and Commmittee comments that have been received since the release of the draft <br />General Plan in March. The Matrix is an anged in sections that correspond to four focus areas of <br />the General Plan update; Environment Sustainability; Youth Needs; Senior Needs; and <br />Recreation, Parks and Open Space. A fifth section is entitled "Other Comments" and contains <br />all non-focus area General Plan comments. The Matrix contains the comment and any <br />referenced General Plan Goal, Policy or Action; the source of the comment; staff <br />recommendations; and GPAC comments when applicable. It is important to note that based on <br />the Town Council direction to the GPAC, the Committee only commented on remarks relative to <br />the four focus areas of the update. Soiree of the requested changes to the General Plan have been <br />incorporated into the draft document and others that staff feels require fiirther discussion with the <br />Planning Commission and Town Council have not been in included in the draft General Plan. <br />The Comment Matrix will be reviewed concurrently with each applicable General Plan focus <br />area during the June 23 and 30, 2010, Planning Commission meetings. Finally, all relevant <br />Planning Commission input will be incorporated into the Comment Matrix and forwarded to the <br />Town Council for their consideration. <br />Final EIR: The attached FEIR is an addendum to the Draft Environmental Impact Report <br />(DEIR); therefore, staff recommends that the Planning Commission also bring their copy of the <br />DEIR to the June 23 and 30, 2010, Planning Coimllission meetings. The FEIR contains the list <br />of comments submitted on the DEIR, includes revisions that respond to applicable remarks, and <br />provides a response to all applicable comments. As noted in the "Introduction" Section of the <br />FEIR, none of the revisions result in significant changes to the Project Description or DEIR <br />findings. Consequently, a recirculation of the EIR is not necessary. <br />Final EIR Findings: As noted in Chapter 4 of the DEIR and shown in Table 2-1, <br />implementation of the 2020 General Plan will result in five significant and unavoidable impacts <br />in the areas of Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (includes two significant unavoidable <br />1 <br />