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towl~~ F :~IEETI\G DATE: OS/02/10 <br />,:-,~ ;;- ITEM \O: <br />i``'~"~ ` s COtiNCIL AGE\DA REPORT <br />~g C A~0 <br />DATE: JULY 21. ?010 <br />TO: i~~1AYOR AND TO«~T COUNCIL <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TO~~`1T MANAGER~~C~ <br />SUBJECT: CONDITIO\TAL USE PERiti~IT U-10-009. PROJECT LOCATIO\: 303-305 \. <br />SA\TA CRtiZ AVE\IIE. PROPERTY O~~V:~ER: BERT It~1ILLEN. <br />APPLICANT: BRENDA HA~IMOND. <br />CONSIDER A REQUEST FOR APPROVAL TO EXPANrD AN EXISTING <br />RESTAURANT (JAtiIES RANDALL RESTAURANT) TO INTCREASE THE <br />NUMBER OF SEATS. TO iVIODIFY THE HOURS OF OPERATIO\T. A~ ~D TO <br />ALLO~~% FULL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SERVICE ON PROPERTY <br />ZONED C-2. AP\T ~ 10-14-048. <br />RECD\~IMENDATIOtiT: <br />After opening and closing the public hearing, it is reconunended the To\vn Council: <br />Adopt the findings supporting the Conditional Use Permit modification (Attachment 1); and <br />Approve the application subject to the recommended conditions of approval as modified by <br />the Planning Commission (Attachment 2). <br />ALTERNATIVES: <br />Instead of the actions above, the Council may: <br />• Approve the application subject to modified or additional condltlons of approtiral <br />(motion required): <br />• Continue the project to a date certain ~yith specific direction (motion required); or <br />• Remand the project to the Planning Commission «•ith specific direction (motion <br />required); or <br />• Move to deny the Conditional Use Permit modification (motion required). <br />~^' J <br />PREPARED BZ': ~ ~~'endie R. Rooney, Director of Conununity Development <br />Reyie~yed by: E~_Assistant Town ?~~anager WTown Attorney <br />Clerk Administrator Finance `' Colnlnunity Development <br />~: DE\' C\CLRPTS X010 \SCiO~-30S.doc <br />Reformatted: ~ 3U 0~ <br />