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MEMORANDUM <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />To: Chair John Bourgeois and Planning Commission Members <br />From: Wendie R. Rooney, Director of Community Development <br />Subject: Review of the Draft General Plan and Final EIR Review <br />Date: June 11, 2010 <br />Summary: <br />As t11e Planning Commission is aware, the Town has been working on a focused update to the <br />2000 General Plan over the past 17 months. The Town Council appointed General Plan <br />advisory committee, the GPAC, has completed its review of the four focus areas of the update, <br />which include: <br />• Recreation, Parlcs and Open Space <br />• Enviroiunent and Sustainability <br />• Youth Needs <br />• Senior Needs <br />The GPAC determined that the update met the Town Council's direction and is forwarding the <br />General Plan to the Planning Commission for consideration and final recommendation to the <br />Town Council. <br />The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold two meetings on the draft General Plan and Final <br />EIR on June 23, 2010 and June 30, 2010. Based on Town Council's direction for a limited <br />update, the Planning Commission should focus its review on the four areas that constituted the <br />majority of the update. A final component of the 2000 General Plan that is currently being <br />updated is the Housing Element. The Housing Element is on a separate review track from the <br />General Plan and should be scheduled for Planning Commission review in September or <br />October. <br />Background: <br />General Plan Update Scope; General Plans are typically updated every 15 to 20 .years, with the <br />exception of the Housing Element, which by State statute is required to be updated every five <br />years. While only'the Housing Element technically required updating, at the March 2007 retreat, <br />the Town Council directed staff to prepare a work plan to update various sections of the General <br />Plan. The Town Council stated that overall the General Plan was serving the community well, <br />but an update was desired to consider new issues that had arisen since the plan's adoption in <br />2000. The Town Council noted that the update would provide an opportunity to refine existing <br />