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jowiN,loF MEETI\G DATE: 08-02-10 <br />--~~~'~'%`~ ITE~'I NO: <br />~i-..~~~'-- - <br />~~os GASO~' COL\CIL/AGE\CI' AGE\DA REPORT <br />DATL--: TULY 28. ?010 <br />TO: A~AYOR AND TO~~~~N COU\CIL! <br />CHAIR AND \IEiv'IBERS OF THE REDL-VL-LOP~~IENT AGENCY <br />1=R0~-1: GREG L~~RSON. TO~~~~ti~ '\Z.~NAGER.%EXECUTIVI/ DIRECT <br />SUBTECT: .ADOPT RESOLUTION ALLO~~'ING RECOGNITION PLAQUES IN TI-IE <br />NE~~' L1BIZaRY TO VARY FROi\~1 THE STANDARDS SET FORTH I\ THE <br />SOLICITATION AND DONAI~ION POLICY AND AUTHORIZING TIIE <br />COLICIL AD IIOC LIBIZ-IRY SL"B-COi\~1\1ITTEE TO APPROVE <br />ADDITIONAL EZCEPT IONS. IF NL-CESSARY <br />RLCO~~I~-1ENDATION: <br />adopt resolution (Attachment 1) allo~yina recognition plagues in the ne~~y library to yarv from the <br />standards set forth in the Solicitations and Donation Polio- and authorizing the Co>_uleil Ad Hoc <br />Library Sub-Committee to approve additional exceptions. if necessary. <br />BACKGROL"ND: <br />On April 21, ?008. the To~~-n Council adopted a Solicitation and Donation Polio- to expand the <br />potential for comnnnnin- donations ti~~ithin the fi•ame~york of the letter and spirit of California <br />ethics lays. The polic}~ set forth guidelines for outreach. and guidelines and procedures <br />regarding accepting and recognizing donations. With regard to recognition of donations, the <br />polic~• sets standards for the location. «•ording. and sizes of commemorative plagues. The police <br />limits the size of a commemorative plague to 8"10." unless the number of donors exceeds the <br />allowable space. The size of a plague for multiple donors is limited to four square feet. <br />The police provides that Council may, on a case b~~ case basis. specif}~ exceptions to the <br />standards under special circumstances via resolution. I-he purpose of this staff report is to <br />request that Council adopt a resolution alloying recognition plaques in the ne~~~ librar~~ to var~~ <br />ii•om the standards set forth in the police and authorizing the Council Ad Hoc Litrar~ Sub- <br />committee to appro~e additional exceptions, if necessary. <br />PREPARED BY: PA\~1EL:~ JACOBS. ,~'GLu.,~.(~~~% C.~~ly <br />ASSIST_~\T "f0«1~ ~~L~NAGER <br />\iGi:.PJaeab~ Libras ProjectDnnation police exception ~taffrepon.doc <br />Reviewed bv: Assistant To«n 1~~lanager Deput~• Director 1~o«~n ~lttorne~•iCJeneral <br />Counsel Clerk Adnunistrator'Secretarv Finance <br />Community- Development <br />