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tpW N OF <br />^:~~~. , <br />'~'d 'e+Y~"', <br />!ps~^- ~AjpS <br />DATE: <br />TO <br />FROM: <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPOP.T <br />JULY 19, 2010 <br />BZEETING DATE: 08/02/10 <br />ITEit4 \TO: , i <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />GREG CARSON; TOWN MANAGER ~" <br />SUBJECT: VISTA DEL MONTE PERMANENT INSTALLATIOI~x OF TRAFFIC <br />CALMING DEVICES <br />ACCEPT REPORT ON THE PERMANENT INSTALLATION OF TRAFFIC <br />CALMING DEVICES FOR VISTA DEL MONTE NEIGHBORHOOD <br />RECOMMEI~tDATION: <br />Accept report on the permanent installation of traffic calming devices for Vista del Monte <br />neighborhood. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />At the December 7, 2009, Town Council meeting, the Council approved the traffic cahnhlg <br />proposal for the Vista del Monte neighborhood. The proposal included temporary installation of <br />tluee-way stops signs at the intersections of Harding, Vista de Sierra and Vista del Campo. The <br />temporary devices were installed in December 2009, with the purpose to slow down vehicle <br />speeds. Prior to installation, the 8~[I' percentile vehicle speeds averaged 31.8 mph. <br />Staff gathered traffic data to assess the effectiveness of this proposal for approximately five <br />months after die stop signs were installed. Data collected indicates vehicle speeds have <br />decreased to 29 mph. The last step in the Traffic Calming policy process is to inform residents <br />of. the data findings and conduct a final vote on the devices. <br />A final ballot was sent to residents in June 2010, asking if residents would be in favor of <br />permanent installation of these traffic devices. A total of 68 ballots were mailed originally, <br />however, due to residential vacancies, 3 ballots were retxu-ned. Out of the 66 mailed ballots, 39 <br />residents responded. The Traffic Calming policy requires 67% approval rating from the votes <br />returned in order to forward the proposal to Town Council for review. <br />1 - t, ~,'~} ~w~) <br />PREPARED BY: TODD CAPURSO <br />Director of Parks and Public Works <br />__...,._. __.._~__._ ~ ~`~ ...A__._ ~_. ._.._.__ ___.._______ <br />__._ <br />Reviewed by: ~S.~Assistaut Town Manager ~~Ufown Attorney Clerk Administrator <br />!Finance Commxmity Development <br />NiPP0.r,,~lANAGE~IGNr\COUNCIL~COUNCIL REPORTS'~~010 Repors~Augus[ 2\Vis[adel\~lon[e.Traffic Calmine Permanen[ Devices.docx <br />