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SOWN OF <br />~\II // „~ <br />~~ <br />e ~"~` s COUNCIL AGEND A REPORT <br />Og G0.S0 <br />MEETING DATE: 08/02/10 <br />ITEM NO: <br />DATE: July 22, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER <br /> <br />SUBJECT: APPROVE EXTENDED MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT AND CONTRACT <br />RJITH TIBURON, NC. FOR COMPUTER AIDED DISPATCI-I (CAD), <br />RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RMS), AUTOMATED REPORTING <br />SYSTEM (ARS) AND MOBILE DATA SYSTEMS (MDS). <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Approve extended maintenance agreement and contract with Tiburon, Inc. for Computer Aided <br />Dispatch (CAD); Records Management System (RIMS); Automated Reporting System (ARS) and <br />Mobile Data Systems (MDS). <br />BACKGROUND: <br />In April 1999, Council approved the upgrade of the Police Department's CAD and RMS with <br />Tiburon, Inc. to ensw•e Y2K compliance. Since then, the Police Department has added an <br />automated reporting system and mobile data terminals to the fleet of patrol cars to provide more <br />efficient and effective data management, information retrieval and report writing. The last <br />agreement with Tiburon, Inc. was approved for five years,.which ends July 31, 2010. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Police Department is interested in pursuing an additional one year maintenance agreement <br />with Tiburon; Inc. as it is critical to the fimctions of the department. The agreement provides <br />such services as 24/7 support tectuiical support, status reports and some portions of software <br />upgrades <br />~ ~ ~ `F <br />PREPARED BY: Scott R. Seaman, Chief of Police <br />L':\N1.45TER+COI,TC[L'.TOwn Council Report Format.doc;'Tiburonlnc7 2010 <br />Reviewed by: ~'~ Assistant Town Manager i~i~~ Town Attorney <br />Clerk AdministratorFinance ~Conm7unity Deg-elopment <br />