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.~pW N OF <br />"a ; <br />,~• ~~~;~ <br />„~.• tE <br />.. ~~ <br />!pS G~A:~p9 <br />DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />JUNE 1, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />MEETING DATE: 06/7/10 <br />ITEM NO. <br />GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER <br />~--- <br />SUBJECT: A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS REQUESTING THAT <br />THE COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />CONSOLIDATE A GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION TO BE <br />HELD NOVEMBER 2, 2010 WITH THE STATEWIDE GENERAL <br />ELECTION TO BE HELD ON THAT DATE PURSUANT TO SECTION <br />10403 OF THE ELECTIONS CODE AND AUTHORIZING OTHER <br />RELATED ACTIONS <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Adopt resolution requesting that the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors consolidate a <br />General Municipal Election to be held November 2, 2010 with the State-wide General Election <br />to beheld on that date pursuant to Section 10403 of the Elections Code and authorizing other <br />related actions. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Proposition 73, approved by the voters June 1988, prohibits public financing of candidates for <br />elected office in California. Specifically Government Code Section 85300 provides as follows: <br />"No public officer shall expend and no candidate shall accept any <br />public moneys for the purpose of seeking elective office." <br />Therefore, this resolution provides that each candidate is required to pay the actual costs of <br />printing, handling and translating the candidate's statement which is incurred by the Town, up to <br />the maximum allowed by the Elections Code. The resolution further directs that the Clerk <br />Administrator is required to provide written notice to such effect with each set of nomination <br />PREPARED BY: JACHIE D. ROSE '~~~~..~--.....a;. <br />Clerk Administrator J <br />N:\MGR\AdminWorkFiles\2010 Council Reports\6-7-10 TC Calling Election staffreport.doc <br />Reviewed by: ~~_Assistant Town Manager own Attorney Clerk Administer <br />Finance Community Development Revised: 04/21/2010 10:50 AM <br />Reformatted: 5/30/02 <br />