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1oWN of MEETING DATE: 05/17/10 <br />ITEM NO. <br />' jy~.Vll ~• ` <br />ios9`~~ ~ os COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />DATE: MAY 4, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL ~i~-~- <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER ~'~ li <br />SUBJECT: PPW PROJECT NO. 09-lOC - FY 2009/10 STREET REPAIR AND <br />RESURFACING PROGRAM 411-811-9901 <br />ADOPT RESOLUTION APPROVING PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR <br />FY 2009/10 STREET REPAIR AND RESURFACING PROGRAM CAPE SEAL <br />AND AUTHORIZING STAFF TO ADVERTISE FOR BIDS <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Adopt a Resolution approving plans and specifications for FY 2009/10 Street Repair and <br />Resurfacing Program Cape Seal and authorizing staff to advertise for bids. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The adopted FY 2009/10 Capital Improvement Program designates funding for the Street Repair <br />and Resurfacing Program. This is a recurring annual project for street rehabilitation throughout <br />the Town to enhance vehicular safety and maintain the Town's roadway infrastructure. <br />The Town's street program is evaluated and managed using the Pavement Management System <br />(PMS) program. This PMS program is produced and distributed by the Metropolitan <br />Transportation Commission (MTC). Furthermore, it is mandated that all Bay Area <br />municipalities utilize this program. The purpose of the program is to document and monitor <br />street pavement conditions throughout Bay Area roadways. This program gives an individual <br />score known as the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) to each street being evaluated. The MTC <br />allocates grant funds based on the PMS program data. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The process of determining which streets to maintain which treatments are most appropriate is <br />complex. The classification of each street considered for resurfacing is a key element in that <br />process. <br />t~J~ <br />PREPARED BY: TODD CAPURSO <br />Director of Parks and Public Works <br />Reviewed by: Assistant Town Manager Town Attorney Clerk Admhiistrator <br />Finance Community Development <br />~...a.._n_ - --~.~..~.Q~. ~..~..._<._..-,u.. .~~_ --.a~_~r_.R. <br />N:\PPWIM.SNAGEIviFNT\COllNCIL\COUNCIL REPOATS\2010 ReportsHvlay l7\09-IOC.FY2009-10 strec[ resurCacing.capeseal pse.cfoc <br />